The upcoming iPhone is expected to convey about a radical change for the brand and this device is all set to leave people in awe, means to those who are the users of iPhone.

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The Apple iPhone 8 will be now celebrating its 10th anniversary of the device, the latest devices says the Phone will be called iPhone X and this Apple iPhone like the facial recognition, wireless charging, and edge-to-edge-display and in this cell-phone.

It will be interesting to see that there is no home button for this mobile phone which is first will happen with any iPhone device.

Time: 10.00 AM Pacific Time

Venue: Steve Jobs Theater, in the new Apple Park Campus

Coverage: The event can be watched online at Apple’s official website

On this 12th of September 2017Apple CEO, Tim Cook is expected to disclose the new iPhone 8 at California. The company has already sent out invitations to the journalists globally as well the CEO invited them to attend an event at the Apple Park headquarters on Tuesday at 10 am Eastern Time and 6 pm UK time.

Apple iPhone 8 Launch event details, Release date, Price, Latest news and Features

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At the same time and on the day, the company is all set to uncover a 4k Apple TV and a 3rd Generation Apple Watch.

What will be the price of the phone?

The device is said to be the most costly handset ever and the cost of this cell-phone is said to be around $1,000 in the USA. Foxconn, an Apple executive, said about the technologically matchless device will “not be cheap.” The price tag of $1,000 will make the new phone 54% more expensive than Apple’s iPhone 7.

What colors will the new phone come in?

The extraordinary iPhone X will be available in 3 color combinations including black, white and copper or gold. It is rumored that the phone can be also seen in the pinkish ‘rose gold’ color amalgamation which will be considered as the “Blush Gold.”

Apple iPhone 8 Launch event details, Release date, Price, Latest news and Features

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What are the features of the phone?

Here is a list of all the ground-breaking features of the new Apple iPhone:

  • Edge-to-edge display

The new gadget iPhone is hopefully to have a 5.8-inch OLED edge-to-edge display, and the aluminum back of the previous devices is to be replaced with an aluminum bumper to have a glass back.

  • Home button excluded

The new phone will not have any home button which is quite interesting. This new brand of this device somehow this time introduced the advanced technology for pressure detection along with 3D touch, so there will be no need to click the home button so the home button has been in removes.

Apple iPhone 8 Launch event details, Release date, Price, Latest news and Features

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The new phone has also been embedded with finger print technology which is yet to deal with the security issues very easily as well it will solve the same at the earliest.

  • Facial recognition

The new is anticipated to have an infrared scanner which would unlock the phone using high-end software for facial gratitude. The procedure is said to be very fast and it is said to be scan the face of a user and unlock the phone within “millionths of a second.” This iPhone is said to be work with a 3D camera.

  • iOS 11

The unique features of iOS 11 are a peer-to-peer Apple Pay and it will be the Control Centre of the same which is re designed.

It also consists of some safety measures like an SOS option for emergency and a driving mode called do not disturb.

  • Wireless charging

The new devices will be having the wireless charging technology on its kitty which would beam power directly from the socket.

This would be a come through because the Apple devices are charged by placing them directly on the inductive pads which require the user to dump the use of the phone while charging.


The phone is anticipated to consists of the similar dual-lens camera because of the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. The 3D camera system can be used for iris appreciation, facial recognition as well as 3D selfies.

The 3D camera works by transfer quite a few imperceptible infrared signals towards the outside of the phone and then gradually it will be detecting the signals which bounce back using the 1.4 MP infrared receivers.

  • Water–resistant

The iPhone 8 is anticipated to carry out the same water-resistant feature as the iPhone 7, i.e., 30 minutes of maximum time in a maximum depth of 1 meter.

  • AirPods

The brand’s costliest phone is all set to arrive with a $160 worth of fashion accessory in the box. It is highly speculated that the iPhone 8 will come with a pair of free AirPods. AirPods are wireless earphones that are linked with the Apple Watch or iPhone via Bluetooth. They operate by using high-level sensors that can easily detect as well it plays the music for that reason.

Apple iPhone 8 Launch event details, Release date, Price, Latest news and Features

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The AirPods offer around 5 hours of listening on one single charge.

Latest news about iPhone 8 or iPhone X

Approximately every detail that Apple iPhone is yet to declares on this 12th September 2017 on Tuesday and it will be leaked one week after its launch.

As per John Gruber, and Apple blogger, “Someone within Apple leaked the list of URLs to 9to5Mac and Macrumours. I’m nearly certain this wasn’t a mistake, but rather a deliberate, malicious act by a rogue Apple employee”. Some of the major leaks include:

  • The iOS 11 GM code has been leaked to the social media and press, with the major plans unveiled and it leads to the announcements of Apple for Tuesday.
  • The brand will be launching its new device iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus.
  • The Apple Watch 3 also seems to arrive with 4G connectivity and an updated processor.
  • Apple’s new smart speaker HomePod is to be considered in the event
  • iOS 11, the new Apple software for iPhone and iPad would include a renovates control center that would surely give the ability to button quickly between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which will enhance the control of the Apple TV and turn a flashlight on.

The iPads are also usual to multitask better with the new software with the new drag-and-drop support and would furnish it with the ability to run several apps side by side.

  • The facial recognition in the new iPhone more often than not acts as an ID system as well as maps the expressions of the user onto various animated characters, regarded as the Animojis.

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