Annabelle: Creation: A woman underway and started behaving strangely after watching the new English movie Annabelle: Creation in a theatre in the country Brazil.

The same woman was caught on camera where she appears to be inclusive and completes hysterics after watching Annabelle: Creation. The video is said to be taken from a mall in Brazil, display the woman ‘retching and screaming’ on the floor.

Annabelle: Creation – A Woman Punches Self, shouts & Go uncontrolled After Watching The Movie – See The Video

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Annabelle: Creation is the latest horror film from the series of Conjuring franchise. The film narrates the story of an evil old doll which haunts a family.

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As per a report published in the media portal, The Inquisitr, the 20-year-old woman was living the theatres at the midnight with her friends post she watched the movie Annabelle: Creation.

Post screaming she started behaving in a strange which catches the news and the news goes viral to have huge attention from the spectators’.

She was seen screaming and punching herself after watching Annabelle: Creation

The entire mentioned episode was being witnessed in the Teresina, Brazil, led to the woman being taken to a hospital afterward she went crazy. She was seen screaming and punching herself in the face when her friend tries to control her and makes her calm down she just went uncontrolled.

A staff member at the mall stated to the Brazil’s UOL website: “We haven’t managed to find out exactly what happened or what caused this behavior. What we know is that she was really very nervous and couldn’t herself explain what had happened.”

See The Video Here

The video has raked and earned more approximately 1.6 lakh views in just 4 days after the news break.

The CheckerNews cannot verify the veracity of the video.

Annabelle: Creation opened to positive reviews from critic reviews and the fans have considered it as one of the spookier films in the franchise.

Annabelle: Creation: Official Trailer

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