Flamboyant ANAMIKA (25) and her DAD(55) sit comfortably at a Restaurant in Navi Mumbai. The duo ordered a pair of sandwich and Mumbai’s Iconic Masala Vada Pav for breakfast. ANAMIKA took out an official document demonstrating her selection for the IPS officer post.

ANAMIKA: Dad, my dream has come true! I have been selected for IPS officer’s post.

DAD (Cynically): Oh, really? What will you do after becoming a Police officer? Don’t forget you are an MBA degree holder. You can easily get a good job at any corporate house abroad, and earn thousands of dollars. I spent a lot towards your education, don’t waste them by choosing an inappropriate career for women.

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ANAMIKA: You mean those women cops are fool working day and night to secure our lives? So, what, if I did MBA! I always dreamt to serve my country since childhood.

DAD: Tell me which dad would let his another child become a police officer when his own son has died while fighting against terrorist?


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ANAMIKA: You meant to say, did I forget how my beloved brother got died while on his official duty during an anti-terror operation in Jammu & Kashmir? I didn’t. But I can’t let the anti-social elements run amok in our country. They should be taught a stricter lesson.

DAD: You think a woman cop will make India safer? India already has lakhs of soldiers and police officials always on duty.

ANAMIKA: Women are not weaker either. For a moment I thought you meant to say, just because I am a woman, I shouldn’t join police. Right?

DAD: Exactly, join any big corporate house instead, and accomplish whatever you wish to scale in life. You must not forget how mercilessly your brother was killed during an anti-terror operation.  Such risks are inevitable in defense jobs.

ANAMIKA:I wish if you could go to some remote villages in parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Bihar. Police officers (both men and women) have learnt to live with the pains and risks associated in this job.

Still, you can see a sense of pride in the eyes of their parents. I also want to see that sense of pride in the eyes of my dad as I am bracing up for a career in Police.

Restaurant Waiter Comes In and Serves the breakfast

DAD: Try to understand, ANAMIKA. Having already lost my son, I can’t lose you. You have a bright future ahead. Good Job, marriage….. children…. family!

ANAMIKA: Stop! Just because I am a girl it doesn’t mean marriage is my priority. Let me serve my motherland first. That’s what I always dreamt to do.

DAD: Ok! We can discuss it later.

ANAMIKA and dad move inside the car for a long drive to Matheran Hill station in Maharashtra.

There was a pin drop silence in the car. Both ANAMIKA and DAD were silent.  Suddenly, something shocks both of them. ANAMIKA looked back and saw a group of 4-5 men were harassing a woman.

cop dad daughter

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ANAMIKA: Driver, stop the car.

DAD: What Happened?

Without Giving any Reply to DAD, Anamika instantly rang up local police station.

Then she went to that woman with a wooden stick in her hands. At first, Anamika politely asked the lewd men to leave the woman and not create ruckus on the road. But these men were adamant. They abused ANAMIKA and threatened her not to interfere in their matter and go away.

Determined ANAMIKA was ready to teach them a lesson. In no time, she started hitting them with that stick. She spared no one. Soon, Police Jeep arrived at the spot and arrested those men for on charge of criminal intimidation and molestation.

Cops admired ANAMIKA for her bravery.

The woman also thanked ANAMIKA for her bravery and saving her.

ANAMIKA: It is my duty. Now go home safely. Anyone who harms others is a terrorist in my language, and I exactly know how to deal with them with an iron hand.

Am I right Papa?

DAD: Yes, Of course, beta. I can see that fighting spirit in your eyes to make India a safer place for everyone. If we have bolder, stricter and determined cops like you then nobody can dare to harm India.

highway cop vigil

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I am proud of you and even your late brother will be feeling proud to see his sister taking on the nation’s enemy.

Wishing you very best in IPS career. Saying this, tears started rolling down the cheeks of dad.

Jai Hind.

(Disclaimer: Inspired from a real life event. Names of the characters and place have been changed for privacy purposes. Any resemblance to the story will be purely co-incidence).

By: Atish Home Chowdhury

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