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An Open Letter To Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood

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Dear Sonu Sood,

First thing first, please-please accept my belated birthday wishes.

This letter is about the vision and ray of hope that I found in your eyes, demeanor, and relentless spirit to work for the humans.

In adverse conditions, and demanding times, you valiantly fought against all odds to show us a ray of light when it seemed absolutely impossible.

I don’t even want to recall those horrific days of lockdown! As we glued to our TV screens to know more about the coronavirus pandemic, the earth-shattering images of hapless migrants walking back to their homes with barefoot and water bottles caught our eyes.

It was unprecedented. Nobody knew how to move forward. But you came forward like a Good Samaritan and the rest is history.

You showed massive solidarity and stood by them in difficult times. It’s only because of your humanitarian efforts and willpower that today so many people are now safe at their homes.

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From north to south and east to west, entire India found a savior in you.

You opened our eyes. Your tremendous effort 24*7 made us realize that no challenge is too big if we collectively come together for a greater cause.

Sonu Sood’s Challenge During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The early lockdown in March was necessary to contain the virus. But nobody knew that the migrant crisis would emerge out like this. Migrants took to the Indian streets and made a desperate attempt to reach their native cities. They desperately crossed through risky jungles, ponds and railway lines to reach homes. Things were quite difficult because no trains and vehicles were operational at that time.

Putting your own life into jeopardy, you stepped out of your house to help migrants. You arranged food, water and medical help for so many of them without a single OH and AH! Then you also arranged Bus, Flights and Trains to ensure a happy and safe journey for them.

Fortune Favors The Brave

In one of your recent interviews, you admitted that when you took this altruistic initiative even you didn’t know how to proceed with it. But as you marched on, things soon start falling in its place. Your farsightedness and vision surely saved so many lives. I wish to wholeheartedly thank you for this.

You invested so much money, effort and time for migrants. You treated them as your family members. Even now, you are still working for them.

I am quite sure that India will not be the same again. It will be surely more kind, humble, sensitive and helpful in the future.

Whatever you’ve been doing for the needy people since coronavirus pandemic broke out in India is indeed noble, admirable and amazing. You can’t even imagine how you have now become the heartbeat of the nation.

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way

Your humanitarian effort is wonderful, insurmountable and incomparable. I have never seen such a gigantic heroic and humanitarian effort from a person for so many people in recent times.

If that was not enough, you arranged a chartered flight last month to help 1500+ stranded Indian students in Kyrgyzstan reach home. Two weeks ago, you again helped more than 100 students of Tamil Nadu and other states reach India safely.


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Sonu Sood also launched Pravasi Rojgar Website and App for Migrant workers to get their desired jobs.

The entire world is facing an unprecedented health crisis. Our battle against coronavirus is still on. We, unfortunately, lost more than 50,000 people due to COVID-19 despite our health warriors’ best efforts.

The good news is, India successfully achieved a 72%+ recovery rate in COVID-19 cases. We just hope that the situation returns to normalcy soon.

I once again want to congratulate and thank you for your wonderful work towards restoring the hope and faith of the people in times of despair.

On behalf of over 1.3-billion-plus people, I definitely want you to win NOBEL PEACE PRIZE – 2020 this year. But, for we Indians, you are much-much more than that. You are already a Nobel Prize Winner and real-life inspiration to each of us.

You are our very own one and only SONU SOOD.

Lots of Love

A Responsible Citizen