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An Exclusive Interview with Versatile Author of Young India – Abhinav Sengar



Where there is a will, there is a way.

The young and vibrant author of India, Abhinav Sengar proves it true every now and then. He is a student, author, entrepreneur and a dreamer. What else you need? Currently, studying the tough B.Arch course from one of India’s reputed universities, still Abhinav manages to have enough spare time beyond the world of sketches, floors and measurement.

Hailing from one of India’s beautiful north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Abhinav makes sure that whatever he does should make his country and native town proud. True to his words, after debuting with Indian Institute of Idiots, which was a massive success among the young readers, Abhinav is once again back with this latest literary venture, Ambe. What is this book all about?

We chatted with Abhinav Sengar for this exclusive interview a day back. We discussed his latest book (Ambe), college days, entrepreneurship and the current writing fad among the youth.

Abhinav Sengar with Ambe

Abhinav Sengar with Ambe

Here Are The Excerpts

What made you choose writing? What did you write for the first time in your life?

Ans: Well, you know, I started writing when I was just 15. Yes, it’s always been my first love. I started writing when I was a school-going kid. Oof! A long journey indeed. As far as I could remember, it was a poem or short story. 

Can you please share some more details with the readers about your latest novel Ambe? 

Ans: To be precise, it’s a historical drama. It’s actually an adventure drama about how Amba, the pricess of Kashi, takes revenge from Bhishma. He kidnapped her from her Swayamvara, and his soon-to-be groom Shalva then refused to marry her. It hurt the princess’s self respect. Eventually, Amba successfully took revenge. Well, you have to read the book to know more about it. 

Who was your inspiration or who inspired you the most to write books?

Ans: To be honest, I”ve been writing since my childhood days. I read a lot of books and found every author unique. Their work is always special, and in that respect, there is always something special about every author. 

Abhinav Sengar

Abhinav Sengar

What is your view on the modern, contemporary Indian writers? How do you identify yourself with them? 

Ans: Modern contemporary Indian writers are good. At least, they are trying something new every time. Writing is an art and hobby. Anybody who starts writing deserves respect and credit for choosing to do something out of the box.

As far as I”m concerned, I believe in originality. I have my own distinct style of writing. When it comes to writing, all you need to do is to open your Ms Word and start writing. No need to be like Paulo Coelho , Nicolas , Chetan Bhagat just do it in your own way . 

On which topic you love to write the most?

Ans: I believe whenever any idea or plot comes to your mind, you should start developing it. So, I don’t think too much about all these things. My two books: Indian Institute of Idiots and Ambe have two different story backgrounds and plots. Yet, I successfully authored both these novels. I believe in being versatile and a bit flexible too while writing.

Can you share your childhood journey with our readers? Were you a typical naughty and mischievous student in your school?

Ans: I was a mixture of both. I really enjoyed my school days a lot. Overall, it was a happy journey and I will cherish that forever. 

What are your writing projects in the pipeline?

Ans: Just now, my latest book Ambe is out. A few other literary projects are also in the pipeline. I would love to share more about those projects at an appropriate time.



How do you spend your leisure time? Watch a movie, read a novel or write your own books? 

Ans: I love reading books, spending time with quality friends and writing books. Also, right now, I’m a bit busy with my own startup.

The TeamCheckerNews wishes the young author very best in his life and future endeavors.