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An Exclusive Interview with Abhinav Sengar

An Exclusive Interview with Abhinav Sengar

He is sharp, witty and focused. We are talking about Delhi lad Abhinav Sengar. Though he is currently based in the Hindi heartland, but he never forgets his roots. He is hailing from the Indian North-Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Abhinav Sengar is well traveled across India. He has recently written a novel Indian Institute of Idiots, which has got tremendous popularity nation wide. Now, Abhinav is planning to do some interesting things. Team CheckerNews took this exclusive interview with Abhinav to know about his future plans.

Interview abhinav Sengar

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Here are the Excerpts from Interview

Briefly Describe your journey until now. Have you accomplished what you wanted or still a mile to go?

I m just 20 and I think writing and Entrepreneurship are things in which I still have light year to go. And I have started all this just few months ago. Since now I m working in Martride Pvt Ltd. as CEO and Founder , working on my Next Novel and also pursuing B . Arch from Guru gobind Singh INDRAPRASTA UNIVERSITY , Delhi.

You are into writing. Give some tips to the readers regarding how to get success in this field.

I won’t give many tips , I just want to tell them , “Dude if you wanna become a writer just take your laptop , Open Ms word and start writing . No need to be like Paulo Coelho , Nicolas , Chetan Bhagat just do it in your own way .

What prompted you to embrace writing though you are studying architecture?

I started writing when I was of 15 so writing is always my first love.

Does the use of English across India affecting the popularity of other vernacular languages?

Yes Ofcourse English across India is affecting the popularity of other vernacular  language , English has become a Standard sign , if don’t speak good English people will starting hiding you . We should adopt things but should never forget our origin . People are Speaking English , No problem but why they are feeling ashamed of speaking their own language.

Abhinav Sengar

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Does the difference or gap between Urban India and rural Bharat widening day by day?

In India English is not just a language , it’s a status symbol. People don’t understand that English is just a Language. “Hindi ya apni bhasa jitni chahey tutti footi bol lo , once you speak something wrong in English Pandits will show you your place.

Can India really become a superpower one day? What are your thoughts on it.

The day when in India we start giving work to Deserve people rather than giving work to reserve I think from that day no one can stop us from being a Super power.Look CEO of all top companies are Indian but non of them are in India all are working in abroad , mean we have that capacity but this system is destroying our youth potential , capacity and capabilities.

Abhinav Sengar

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Tell us something about Indian Institute of Idiots. How did the readers react to it?

Indian institute of Idiots is a short story collection where you will find about Student’s life , I have just wrote about reality of our Society and Education system.  I suggest every parents to read this novel so instead of imparting decision on their child they should let them decide what they want to become.

Reader just loved it , it got a HOT response , it became Bestseller book on Amazon within 30 days so it’s a kinda achievement for a new and Young storyteller like me.

What is your ambition in life? Are you also preparing for government exams?

As an entrepreneur you have to be ambitious about your work and Targets .

Right now my goals are Funding of my startup Martride so I can expand it in different parts of country . I want to see myself in Forbes list (laugh) , and also I want to release my next book in Paperback.

No , no , no  I can’t . Actually my Mom and Dad wanted me to prepare for a government job. You they think”Sarkari Naukri means lots of Money then Mummy and Papa no stress for dowry “.(laugh) . But thing is I can’t see myself in Forbes list with a Sarkari Naukri. I don’t have problem if anyone want to do a government job let them do but I can’t.

What is the philosophy of your life. How you handle success and failure.

Don’t get philosopher until you get rich and Success is never a good teacher and Failure makes you humble .

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Which are your favorite travel destinations? And how many places have U visited so far.

Traveling is one of my favourite hobby. Traveling to New place exploring new people . Talking to them ,try to understand their culture , tradition , festival their rituals . I love all this. Favorite travel destinations is Shillong , it’s a beautiful place and I can’t describe it’s beauty in words .

I have visited Arunachal , Assam , Megahalya , West Bengal , Nagaland , Bihar , Jharkhand , Odhisa , Uttar Pradesh , Haryana , Punjab , Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Who are your role models and favorite writers? Do they influence you directly or indirectly?

I don’t have anyrole models , I don’t follow anyone. I try to learn from each and every person so there is no particular person to whom I look as Role model.

Favorite Author? No one , I have read works of many Author and I find every author is unique in their own way . There is always something special about every Author.

How does Arunachal Pradesh differ from other states? Tell us something more about your home state.

Arunachal is very much different from other states , its rich with nautral beauty , fresh oxygen which I don’t get in Delhi.  Forest , rivers  . People of Arunachal are very honest , hardworking . No crowd I think Arunachal is best place if you want peace. One more thing you will get Tax free Wine here (laugh). But sorry I don’t booze . People celebrate when girls is born in family and one good thing is there is no dowry system here and that’s really Cool thing about my Arunachal.

Tell me how You began your entrepreneurship journey.

I”m a that kinda guy who love to talk and work on ideas . I had many ideas in my mind. But thing was whenever I share my ideas to anyone . They thought my ideas were useless . But you know Agar Kisi ciz ko Dil se chaho toh Puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jati hai” .

It is saying that if you really desire something from heart then the whole universe will work how getting you that . So I met a guy and now we are very good friend Kashish Sethi one day . And he told me he is working with a Startup company ASPIRE.

He listened my ideas and then fixed a meeting with Co founder of Aspire Nitin Sain. I met Nitin Sir , I shared my ideas with him . He helped me . I joined Aspire . I founded my Million dollar idea Martride. And Shilpa , Kushal and sumo this guys who always supported me for Startup things . Right now I m going to start one more startup with my Friend Arpitha.

What the successful keys to become successful in one’s own business

See thing is you have to be honest to your client , to yourself , to your team mates . You are running a company , a revolution and when people start joining your company their expectations get attached to you . They leaved their normal life routine just for youand as a leader you a have to motivate your teammates and Survival is the main key factor for Startup . Most of the startup fail just coz ether they don’t survive or they don’t want to survive in market.

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It was amazing talking to such a humble and wonderful human being Abhinav Sengar.

Team CheckerNews Wishes the Young Author and Entrepreneur more Success and glory in the days ahead.