Bollywood actress Amrita Rao who was last seen in Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha and it was the time on the last weekend she opened up with the media at the clothing launch event of her brand.

She said, “I was being typecast by filmmakers. Yes, I have some reservations. From the beginning of my career, I had a niche image. I can’t do bold characters, but I can obviously do something different in my comfort zone. I did Main Hoon Na I thought that would be my image changer project, but later Vivah released and I was back to square one. I don’t want to be in the same zone.”

How Priya Prakash Turn To Be A Valentine’s Crush

“I received a lot of projects that demanded physical intimacy, so I turned them down. Between all the decision makings I declined Shyam Benegal’s Well Done Abba. It was a beautiful film, there was some creative confusion and I said no to the film. I regret not doing a film like that.”


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Amrita Rao Makes A Shocking Statement, “In Bollywood One’s Need A Godfather For Survival”

“Getting a break in Hindi cinema for an outsider is easy, what’s difficult is the survival. You definitely need to have a godfather and great networking skills. Look at our film industry, in today’s times you see all second generation actors being active in Bollywood.”

Television and Bollywood Are Different – Amrita Rao

The movie actress Amrita Rao was spotted at a brand endorsement shooting in the last week.

During the media interaction, the actress Amrita Rao said that the Films and Television are 2 different platform or career opportunities’ for her to showcase her talents, skills or versatility.

“Television and Bollywood are hugely different. I really admire TV actors, they put in so much hard work, whereas Bollywood actors come with more luxury, thanks for their contractual clauses, which are more benefitting” said Amrita Rao when she was at the media interaction.

Amrita Rao made her Television in 2017 with the daily periodic soap Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai and believes the Indian Television is blessed to have the mass approach.

Amrita Rao

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“I made my debut last year with a fiction drama. Later I realized that experimenting with the concept on television will take time, as we are still very conservative in our approach when it comes to Television” said Amrita.

Amrita Rao has turned into a creative advisor and the brand face for a leading brand. “I am not just the brand ambassador; I’ve joined as the creative advisor as well. When Mr. Kailash approached me, I took some time to understand material and collection, later I started getting ideas. My father runs an advertising agency, so the creativity in genes comes from there, so it is really innate to me” said Amirta regarding the same.

“I would come with up a line of clothing for myself when I am more confident about it. Right, I am just focusing on this brand; I am also working on promotional plan and strategy as the creative advisor” added Amrita.

Amrita Rao is noted for her roles in ‘Main Hoon Na’ and ‘Vivah’. She said she is very selective in the factors of her films and roles, she throw light on the same, “When you think about Amrita Rao, you have a very niche image, and I love that image because then you cannot replace me with someone else, it has to be me. I have got some films like that, Jolly LLB and Satyagraha, my films have great repeat value”

“I’ve been quite choosy about the films I do, for that matter the brands that I’ve associated with, I am choosy and give it a lot of thought. There is always this fear factor that end result should have audience acceptance and lost lasting. When I associated with Brand or endorses a Brand, I give my 100 % commitment, then I don’t pay attention to the fact that how many days or hours I’ve given to them. Once I commit to the brand, it becomes me”.

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