Amol Palekar is best remembered for his aam aadmi type of role in some of the 1979 cult classic Gol Maal.

Back then he was part of the Bollywood, back then Bollywood used to known as Hindi Film Industry. But it was Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Gol Maal which makes Amol Palekar a star.

Amol Palekar: The Story Of His Two Marriages

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Eventually, Amol Palekar became popular in the country post to the success of Gol Maal. You will be surprised to know that Amol started his career as a painter, after being painter he also worked in the bank.

But something like that his destiny brings him in the Bollywood and he also proved his caliber as an actor.

In his personal life, Amol Palekar has been married twice. His unsuccessful first marriage was with the filmmaker Chitra Palekar, and it is said to be her contribution was the lot for Amol Palekar and his acting career.

But this marriage was not successful, so Amol Palekar gradually hitched with the screenplay writer Sandhya Gokhale. Amol Palekar is blessed with 2 daughters from each of his marriages.

Anyway if you look the classic actor Amol Palekar‘s life then you will get to know his simplicity and humility, for which the actor is actually known for even today.

Amol Palekar – A Brief Introduction

On 24th November 1944 Palekar was born on Mumbai, back then Bombay as the only son amongst four children of his parents. So his parents decided to name their son ‘Amol,’ which means ‘precious.’

The young Amol received all of his education in Mumbai, but he was always interested in painting since his childhood days. Amol’s parents actually supported him when he said that he wanted to pursue his career in painting; in spite of that, it was an unconventional career option.

Thus, Amol joined boarding school in order to take the formal training of art and painting. Later in life, Amol joined the prestigious JJ School of Fine Arts in Mumbai, after that he would go on to work as a bank clerk and painter for seven years.

In the year 1967, the fated night when he meets with the legendary theatre artist Satyadev Dubey, who offered Amol to work in the play stage named Chup! Court Chalu Hai and Amol give nod for the same.

Amol’s performance was praised, which brought plenty of eyeballs from the filmmaker’s side, notably Basu Chatterjee. Basu launched Amol Palkar in 1974, film Rajnigandha.

Amol Palekar: The Story Of His Two Marriages

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The movie was a success, and Amol gets audience’s attention. He turned director in the year 1981 and is known to have directed and acted in several critically-acclaimed movies.

Chitra Palekar – Nearly Three Decades Of Marriage

Amol Palekar met Chitra somewhere in the mid-1960s. She was a friend of Amol’s sister, and eventually, Chitra turns to befriend of Amol too.

Chitra was blessed with a full-fledged career in theatre, and she often takes Amol along during her play rehearsals. Amol was at that time a painter and a bank clerk in that time he was dabbling in the two professions.

Amol Palekar: The Story Of His Two Marriages

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Just a couple of years into their friendship fell for each other. Though Amol was yet to make his mark, Chitra showed her full faith on Amol and his skills.

“I was a struggling artist and didn’t have much to offer her, but Chitra had faith in my creativity. Love bloomed…”
– Amol Palekar on his first wife Chitra Palekar

It was in one of Chitra’s play rehearsals that Amol was noticed by the prominent theatre artists Satyadev Dubey. Thanks to the encouragement and confidence Chitra showed on him.

The play was a success, and by 1968 Amol became a famous theatre personality. That year was also when Amol and Chitra tied the knot with one another and started their journey as a married couple.

Amol and Chitra collaborated in several movies and plays. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Shalmalee Palekar in 1980 who currently resides in Australia.

The End Of The Wedlock

In the 1990s, Amol and Chitra married life was not going well. While still, we need to figure out the exact reason, Amol once simply said regarding the same that the ‘things did not work out.’

It will be interesting to note that their wedding fell apart after nearly three decades; this phase is usually known as when the marriage is turned to be the mature one.

Amol Palekar: The Story Of His Two Marriages

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It is likely to be beyond the realm of the couple’s control, and Amol Palekar and Chitra Palekar ended their marriage somewhere around the late 1990s. Chitra later shared in an interview that she was disturbed post her divorce; after all, they were together for 3 decades.

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“When an association that long ends, obviously it leaves a lot of pain and scars. I have moved on and wouldn’t like to look back.”
– Chitra Palekar about her failed marriage with Amol Palekar

Chitra Palekar retained her ex-husband’s surname and continuously serves in the Bollywood as a filmmaker. She is still active in cinema and theatre even until today.

Sandhya Gokhale – The Second Marriage

After his divorce with Chitra, Amol got romantically involved with the screenplay writer Sandhya Gokhale, who had penned the screenplay for the various movies of Palekar.

Amol was always in awe of Sandhya and also referred her as a ‘multi-faceted personality.’ Eventually, he hitched with Sandhya around the same time when he divorced Chitra.

Sandhya Gokhale is originally a lawyer by profession and practiced in the US for 10 years but when he comes back in India, she did the job of screenplay writing.

Amol Palekar: The Story Of His Two Marriages

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The couple had a daughter, Samiha Palekar, and she is following in her mother’s footsteps to become a lawyer.

“Having her as my spouse and partner in my creative process is highly enriching. She has this unique combination of being extremely rational and objective while being extremely creative.”
– Amol Palekar on his second wife Sandhya Gokhale

Life Ever Since

In the 5 decades of his career, Amol was never linked with any actress. He has also been someone who won the audience’s hearts in large number at the era of the 1970s due to the man next kind of role he played as an average individual of the society – an aam aadmi.

When it comes to his second marriage, Amol and Sandhya are going strong, and Amol often collaborates with his wife Sandhya on the working row.

Amol Palekar: The Story Of His Two Marriages

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He shared a good professional rapport with his ex-wife also even after divorce and is actively involved in the well-being of his daughter from the first marriage.

Now that is a pleasant thing to learn about the classic actor and don’t forget to share the article if you like the same.

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