go to site The Great American Smoke out Day is an annual involvement event which people genuinely celebrates on the 3rd Thursday of the month of November by the American Cancer Society, this celebration is mainly done in the US as well throughout the world. On this day Social Engineering event are also organised by American Cancer Society.

see This event is organised by the American society with only having a single motive to stop people from being addicted to taking of tobacco smoking. It is mainly the graceful experience in which people of the country get some challenge in which they have to quit cigarette smoking or tobacco smoking in 24 hours which will eventually last for more time.

Great American Smokeout

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The American Smoke out day organised by the American Cancer Society in the month of November on 16th 1977 which is touted as the launching day of this festive day in San Francisco’s, Union Square. The day is actually worked as blessings for the people who are trapped by the bad habit of smoking and this is actually 24 hours challenged worked in favour of them.

Smoking is something which is actually like a curse for the smokers and it is worked as slow poisoned to make the healthy human body venomous. Smokers often smoke by saying that it will be helping their body may be it helps in the initial stage psychologically but for the long run, this smoking habit will be making the people’s bodies weak.

Cigarettes Cancer Deaths

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So The American Cancer Society is encouraged smokers to quit smoking on last Thursday for its annual ‘Great American Smokeout’ day.

As per the American Cancer Society, about 40 million Americans smoke cigarettes and tobacco which is having the result of deadly diseases as well as premature death.

The organisation encourages smokers to make a plan to quit, smoking on Thursday which is participated by mass which indicates that people actually wants to leave this bad habit and they are looking forward to having a proper way by which they can do so.

Although smoking rates have dropped, the organisation said other addictive ways, such as cigar, pipe and hookah, are on the rise which they want now to make slow down.

This year Harford County organised this function which is indeed attained by mass and here the health departments encouraged Americans to take part on it. The Harford County health officer Susan Kelly said to media regarding the event that “We all should have a Tobacco-free life & made some preparation for this”. Read: Interesting Facts of Kailash Satyarthi

She suggests to smokers that they should make a plan to quit smoking slowly but steadily as at a time they can’t leave smoking suddenly as they are being addicted to it almost.  So she thinks that people should reduce its consumption first then they should check it on next year how much smoking consumption they managed to reduce.

The great American Smoke Out Day

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Perfect Way to leave smoking:-

Smokers need to have some counselling and treatment against smoking.

The smokers need help and support from their family against the practice of smoking.

Smokers need to consume smoking in the least order.

They need to practice Yoga and exercise to keep them fit and when they will be fit they will never miss smoking habit.

Healthy diet and routine must follow by the people

Why Americans Smoke Day Out

As Americans celebrate “the American smoke day out”, this event is usually attained by mass and youth population but now a day even elderly people are very much taking part on it. Now our nation is aware of this event so 3rd Thursday of November even celebrates in our country where people discuss the harmful consequences of smoking and here they also vows to leave smoking.

The American smoke day out is to be celebrated so that the people aware of the harmful & serious things which happened after smoking. Everybody is aware of the issue, so no wonder why even over the packet of cigarette it has been written that, “That Smoking & Alcohol is Injurious to our health”. (Written By News Desk)

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