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My Ambition: What I Wanted To Be And What I Became

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My Ambition: What Did I want To Be & What I Became In Reality?

Every child has an ambition to pursue as he or she grows up. I was certainly not an exception. In fact, I had too many ambitions in those days. I wanted to become a lot of things at one go.

I am now reminiscing about what I wanted to be and why I didn’t pursue the same as time passed by. While writing this, I do feel nostalgic as those sweet-sour memories of my childhood come alive in front of my eyes.

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Forest Officer

As an imaginative guy, forest, jungles, and wildlife often mesmerized me in my childhood. It took me to a different world altogether. I loved fantasizing about living in forests with animals and birds.

For me, in those days, being a forest officer was the ultimate bliss of life. Wearing a round hat and khaki uniform was enough to ignite my passion for becoming a full-fledged forest officer.

Far from the madding crowd, the contribution of forest officers often goes unnoticed. But, as a matter of fact, without forest officers, we can’t imagine a peaceful, cohesive and congenial atmosphere where humans and animals can live peacefully.

As I grew older, I realized how tumultuous life of a forest officer. They live far away from their near and dear ones deeper inside the jungles where anything can happen. They are the unsung heroes of the nation.

In order to become a successful IFS (Indian Forest Service) officer, graduation with a Science or other related subjects given in the list is mandatory.

View of Elephant in Water

Since I was nonchalant about Science, so literally, my dream of becoming a forest officer was shattered even before I completed my college education.


As I mentioned earlier, Science as a subject never fascinated me much, the same was true for Biology as a subject.

Yes, I had some infatuations with medical science because of its causative factors. I wanted to become doctors and save people’s lives.

Later on, I wished if I could bring a dead person back to life much to what we read on Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, Frankenstein!

With a passage of time, I realized that I was chasing nothing but a mirage. Soon, I found that Passing MBBS is far more difficult than passing graduation with Science.

Woman Holding Stethoscope

Moreover, writing horror story is far better than actually doing a live operation or surgery over a patient’s body!

Person Using Stethoscope On Bear Plush Toy

Creativity and Caricature of My Ambition

Eventually, as I reached 16, my ambition took a drastic turn and I threw myself inside the never-ending seas of creativity. I fell in love with reading, writing, singing, poetry and painting.

I adored spending time doing these activities. As always, English stood my first love and apt medium of communication with the world.

Close-up of Human Hand

Since childhood, irrespective of my formal education at that time, I was totally smitten by the English glossary and creative writings.

Relentlessly, I wrote a lot of essays, stories, articles, and poems just to please my soul – nobody was ready to read my stuff that time.

It was a heart-broken experience but I overcame it because I was totally in love with my creative exercises. And, this creativity still continues to be my passion still today!

Dream Scrabble Tile

A few years back, when I got my graduation degree, it was indeed the most memorable moment of my life. I was fully confident of embarking on a creative career. Thanks to my gut feeling and the inner voice that I continued my journey in creative writing.



Many people criticized me saying creativity won’t fetch you money, but I simply ignored their brouhaha and thankless advises. Finally, after completing my MA (International Relations – Political Science), I became a full-fledged writer.

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