Kolkata: The eastern India’s largest movie production
house launched their next Bengali movie Amazon Obhijaan, it is a mega-budget production ever produced in the Tollywood industry.

Since the theatrical trailer of the film Amazon Obhijaan comes out it is gone viral and something which is yet to see about the film Amazon Obhijaan is that the film is all set to hit theatres in the multiple languages- Bengali, Hindi, Oriya, Assamese, Tamil, and Telugu.

The SVF has achieved yet another industry first with Amazon Obhijaan set to become the only Bengali film which will be hit theatres in 6 languages.

Amazon Obhijaan: The First Bengali Film To Release In 6 Languages Bengali, Hindi, Odia, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu

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Post the massive poster of the film unveiled, it is also the first Bengali films which make the storyboard public before the release of the film, and it is making headlines.

SVF has left no stone unturned to promote its mega production of the film, is all set to hit theatres in 22nd December, 22, three days before X-Mass.

Mahendra Soni, Co-Founder & Director – SVF, said, “This is probably the first time in Indian film history that any movie trailer is being released simultaneously in six languages, and this is another step in our efforts to take Bengali cinema to newer heights, and reach a wider audience”.

The two-minute trailer of the film displays the eternal saga of an explorer’s quest for adventure.

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After 2 years when the Italian explorer and adventurer, Marco Florian, fails in his mission, his daughter Anna approaches the Bengali explorer Shankar Choudhury, request him to join her for this adventurous journey.

Shankar readily accepts Anna’s request and he went for the adventurous trip in the movie Amazon Obhijaan and the Bengali superstar Dev as Shankar just looks enthralling and he is yet long and grueling journey to the heart of Amazon.

He is there to discover to search the hidden city of gold, El Dorado begins. The trailer of the movie indicates to surround the explorers travel thousands of miles to reach the mythical city – the journey is loaded with natural difficulties, wild animals, savage tribes, and vicious gold digger.

Shankar on his way single-handedly overcomes every odd and fights off every danger ranging from a menacing Black Caiman to a gigantic Anaconda.

Amazon Obhijaan Hindi Theatrical Trailer


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