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Interesting Facts about Aluminum Cooker That You Don’t Know!

Why Aluminum Pots and Cookers Turn Black Faster on Continuous Use?

Why does an Aluminum Cooker turn black after steaming potatoes in it?

Relax, there is nothing to fret about.

The entire thing happens because of scientific reasons and warrants some simple understanding of basic science in a day-to-day life.

The underlying reason is explained below with adequate logic and example.

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It is totally scientific and has nothing to do with potatoes, but the intrinsic compounds inside the shell of potatoes. A single potato consists of several minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorous and many more.

Every time you put your aluminum cooker over a gas stove, then the base of it gets burnt. If you repeat the process continuously, then after after a few months, it will become black.

It’s actually the amount of residual carbon that sticks outside the Aluminum cooker! Period.

How Aluminum Reacts to Other Food Stuff?

Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and is highly responsive to acidic foods or other chemical compounds. Tomatoes, vinegar, and food acids react with the aluminium (inside the cooker) and change the taste and colors of the food.

Sometimes, dishes prepared in Aluminium cooker turns black and tastes metallic. It happens because of the baked compounds of aluminium when mingled with the cooked food.

However, the level of aluminum in such cases, is quite low – less than an antacid tablet!

Is It Okay to Eat Dishes Made on Aluminum Utensil?

Avoid aluminium cooker when your dish contains food acids. It might spoil the taste of your dish, and damage the utensil as well!

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Stainless steel cookware or non-stick pans are non-reactive in nature. And, you can use steel cookware instead for various type of dishes instead of aluminium cooker. These won’t turn black, if you steam potatoes in it. These utensils don’t react to acidic foods either.

However, for non-acidic dishes, you can use aluminium cookers. They are fully safe. You won’t fall sick even if you eat dishes prepared in aluminum utensils every day.


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