30th June is marks the 36th birthday of the Telugu actor Allari Naresh, who is also addressed as the Tollywood comedy king by his fans, one of the most versatile comedy actor of the industry is also regarded as one of the most popular Tollywood actor.

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Allari Naresh is often regarded as an epitome of talent, is quite known for his off-beat performances on the Southern mainly in the Telugu films. The actor started off his career with comic commercial cinema, but, he proved his acting prowess and skills in the some memorable off-beat roles too.

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After doing some meaningful cinema, Allari Naresh has been managed to impress the audience and he also proved his versatility anyway.

Naresh’s father was a noted filmmaker EVV Satyanarayana who failed to see the success of his son, because of his untimely early demised.

Though, after a lot of hard work and struggles, Allari Naresh proved his worth as an actor in the industry and as of now he is gearing up for his next movie film ‘Silly Fellows’ which is touted as a comedy drama.

Anyway on the occasion of his birth day, here are we presenting some of the memorable performances of the actor Allari Naresh.

1). Allari

The actor made his acting debut at very young age with this movie Allari, which was somehow not that high budget movie but still, Naresh make his presences felt in the movie and post the movie Allari, Naresh never looked back.

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2). Praanam

Directed by Malli, ‘Praanam’ is based on the topic and idea of the re-birth or the reincarnation. In this movie Sadha cast opposite Allari Naresh and Naresh had played the dual role as Sivudu and Kaasi to give one of his most memorably and amazing performances, which also helped to achieve the success what he is having today.

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3). Nenu

Though, Nenu is a typical Telugu Masala movie but Allari Naresh fetched plenty of eyeballs for his such an intense role and with this intense role, the young actor also proved his versatility as an actor in the Telugu cinema.

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4). Kithakithalu

Naresh played Relangi Rajababu, who always hates his wife he was forced to marry her. In fact, the film actually carried a beautiful and social internal message and Alla Naresh actually received massive praised for his this movie and his fans also liked him anyway.

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5). Gamyam

2008, was the period when Allari was trying to carve a niche for himself, and he was successful with the beautiful movie ‘Gamyam’. Naturally outshining as a small thief Gaali Seenu, Naresh relished his potential of being an awesome actor.

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And with this movie ‘Gamyam’, the actor Allari Naresh managed to crank up his emotional and comic persona on the screen.

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