So many NRIs make our nations India proud and it will be worth to mention the very young Akshay Ruparelia and his name is the list who is from the UK.

Meet UK’s youngest millionaire:

Akshay is just 19 years old the youngest millionaire from the UK. He is actually involved in the business of selling houses and his net worth income is 12 million pounds (₹ 103.4 cr).

Another Indian origin SUNDAR PICHAI is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Google Inc.

Online entrepreneur:

Akshay Ruparelia created a website and this site received such a huge traffic within few months, and some investors were on his door who were wanted to buy shares.

Akshay Ruparelia From UK The Youngest Millionaire Is Having Net Worth Of Rs 103.4 Crore

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Akshay Ruparelia used to close the deals on phone but he was unable to pick phone during the school hours so he was selected as a call center service for this job.

18th biggest estate agency of UK:

One of the youngest millionaires of UK also originates and set up his firm with the help of a loan of £7,000. The amount he was taken from his relatives, just after 16 months of getting the life, it has not only turn to be popular but also the 18th massive estate agency of UK.

His inspiration:

In the popular media portal Mirror, Akshay said he was inspired a lot by Michael O’Leary, the founder of Ryanair, post he gone through his biography. He also loves to read book and biography actually.

“Mr. O’ Leary began by selling flights for just £4.99 and his point was that if you deliver what you say you will, you hook people in and your business will work.”

Akshay Ruparelia further shares to various media that other online estate agencies actually charge fees of £800 and £1,000 from the homeowners.

Akshay Ruparelia From UK The Youngest Millionaire Is Having Net Worth Of Rs 103.4 Crore

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He thinks that he is sure can work by charging quite fewer fees.

His first sale:

He told shares about his first sale,

“I had to pay my big sister’s boyfriend £40 to drive me to take photographs of this man’s house. I had not passed my driving test; I did not have a car. It was a five-bed place with a swimming pool! I put the house on at £485,000 and the land for £185,000 on top; I had sold it within three weeks. I was standing in the school playground and got an e-mail on my mobile from the vendor to say he had accepted the combined £670,000 offer I had got for him and that I was a ‘legend, an absolute star’. That was a sensational moment, I was just thrilled. I’d sold a house for £99, but I could not go out and celebrate, I had to go home and revise for my exams. I got a Domino’s pizza in as a treat.”

Most costly deal done by Akshay Ruparelia was a house in Notting Hill worth £1.4 million.

His parents

Akshay’s parents are deaf as well they can’t speak English so he learned sign language in their early time for their existence.

The mother of the young millionaire Akshay Ruparelia, Renuka is an assistant teacher for deaf children and his father Kaushik works as a care worker.

Akshay is definitely an inspiration for all of us so we just wish him best for his future endeavors.

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