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Aksara Bhagavad Gita Simplifies the Mysticism of Lord Krishna: Haribakth


Bhagavad Gita, the elixir of life, needs exact interpretation in simplified terms to enable the people to understand its inner meanings that teach human beings many life lessons, primary among them being the element of Karma: the action philosophy.

Making demystification of Lord Krishna in the light of Bhagavad Gita his life’s mission, a scholar extraordinary in spiritual field Haribakth attempted to open the vista of knowledge on it through his book Aksara Bhagavad Gita.

The book is a bold effort to convey to the masses the message that Bhagavad Gita is more of a work aiming at showing the right way to face different difficult times of human life than a book on the Hindu religion. It is a book that teaches one to behave differently at different times.

Haribakth conveyed the aspect of action philosophy that Bhagavad Gita reflects. Here, we find Aksara Bhagavad Gita plays its most vital role. Haribakth’s portrayal of Lord Krishna’s philosophy of acting the way as the situation demands is perhaps reflected most simplistically in this book that even a layman can understand easily.

Bhagavad Gita is all about interpretation. Haribakth explained it in Aksara Bhagavad Gita.

That is why it had been acting as the beacon light for thousands of people over the centuries to use the heavenly book as a philosophical tool to wage wars against injustice as manifested during India’s freedom struggle against the British Raj.

At the same time, it acted as solace to many when misfortune struck them. Bhagavad Gita taught them to accept life as it comes or in other words not to succumb to misfortunes but fight against it thus giving paramount value o the human value system.

Haribakth, in fact, charted out a new path in understanding Bhagavad Gita through Aksara Bhagavad Gita. His simplistic approach in explaining the mysticism of Lord Krishna will go a long way in unraveling human life’s many tangles in years to come.

Haribakth, the pen name of Ravindra Rao, made it crystal clear through Aksara Bhagavad Gita that Bhagavad Gita must be considered as an answer to a plethora of mundane questions that mankind faces. It is more about removing confusions of life rather than a religious treatise in the narrow sense of the term.

It unfolds mysteries of our mundane lives in its real perspective offering vital tips to boldly face the reality of life.

Even as Bhagavad Gita simplifies ways of attaining eternal truth by helping a body in flesh and blood to connect with the cosmos, it never asks us to turn a Sadhu or hermit by leaving Sansar: the mundane world.

Haribakth helped us to understand Govind through Gita via the medium of Aksara Bhagavad Gita.