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Ahoi Ashtami: Puja Vidhi Time Date Tithi Katha Story Celebration Festival Shubh Day

We all celebrate the festival, Ahoi Ashtami in order to protect and safeguard our children as per the believes of the Hindu religion.

The Ahoi Ashtami is a Hindu festival rejoiced and observes about 8 days before Diwali on Krishna Paksha Ashtami. And as per the Purnimant calendar the festival is famous in the North India, and this one is also celebrate in Gujarat, Maharashtra and some other southern states, but name of the festival Ahoi Ashtami is different from the state to state.

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On The Ahoi Ashtami the fasting and puja are committed to Mata Ahoi or Goddess Ahoi.

Ahoi Ashtami

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On the month of October, we all observe and celebrate the festival Ahoi Ashtami and the celebration is mainly observe by the women married women or mother of kids. And the festival is touted as very important and one of the crucial Indian festival anyway.

Ahoi Ashtami: Puja Vidhi Time Date Tithi Katha Story Celebration Festival Shubh Day

As per the Hinduism, the festival, Ahoi Ashtami, is mainly observed by mother for the longevity of their kids. As per the faith and trust, by observing this puja and festival, Ahoi Ashtami, by the mothers, then their kids will be get protection and safeguards from all kinds of hindrances and risk in their life and with this puja, Ahoi Ashtami, the kids will be blessed with the long lives too.

Technically, some rules and procedures of the festival, Ahoi Ashtami, is theoretically, very similar to the North India festival, Teej, which is quite interesting to read anyway.

Ahoi Ashtami Shubha Muhurata and Date:

Ahoi Ashtami on 31st October, 2018

Puja of the Ahoi Ashtami will be take place reportedly from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the evening which is touted as best time for the puja to take place which is the sacred time also.

After 4 days of the festival, Karwa Chauth, Ahoi Ashtami take place which is also a very crucial, famous and important Hindu festival.

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