Once on a sunny afternoon, I just visit Padri Ki Haveli to have something beautiful experiences which can’t be written in words. Wait a Minute! If you are thinking what is Padri Ki Haveli is?

So let me tell you  Padri Ki Haveli is one of the famous church of Bihar, situated in Patna City, Padri Ki Haveli is no need to say, being an always reason of the tourist attraction in the city. In this church, I feel something very special.

One Afternoon At Padri Ki Haveli

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I mean the environment of the church some kind bring peace of mind for me, it also helps me to connect with my inner self. I went there with my family and I obviously clicked some selfie there to store or capture this moment into the memory.

Anyway, let see the history of the Padri-Ki-Haveli which is going to be everlasting anyway.

Anyway let see the history of the Padri-Ki-Haveli means the “Mansion of Padre”, also known as Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it is the oldest church in Bihar.

When Roman Catholics arrived in Bihar, they built a small church in 1713 at a place and termed this as the Padri-ki-Haveli

The current church was re-designed by a Venetian architect Tirreto in 1772. He arrived from Kolkata actually to design this church.

The foundation stone of this huge church has a dimension of 70 feet in length, 40 feet wide and 50 feet in height.

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Nawab Mir Qasim destroyed this church because of the rift with the British traders on 25 June 1763. Ancient records were destroyed and burnt consequently. Later, in 1857 during the Great Indian Rebellion again this church suffered from many damages.

Today, the monument stands as an architectural wonder with intricate details which can be seen in few other churches of India also.


The main attraction of the church is the large cathedral bell.

Mother Teresa got her training in this church.

One Afternoon At Padri Ki Haveli

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Exactly, cathedral bell is one of the most attractive features or attractive spiritual bell of the particular this church which obviously catches plenty of eyeballs anyway.

I also touched the cathedral bell to feel something special and I felt the same. It was the time when my dad explains me some stuff and details of this cathedral bell and this church.

Visiting the church Padri Ki Haveli for me was like a dream come true as I always wanted to visit the church and here I visited Padri Ki Haveli and see this wonder with my own eyes which is indeed special.

Though, when I was a teenage I visited a church in Kolkata but the memory of Kolkata church is void somehow as in that time I was teen so I can’t remember everything properly.

On the other side, in that era in there was neither smartphone available nor in the mobile camera used to install. So I did not capture the memory of Kolkata church in camera, but in the case of Padri Ki Haveli, I captured the memory camera which is evergreen.

At any rate, I can clearly say that my visit in Padri Ki Haveli with my family is special and memorable one.

And in my suggestion or opinion if you ever visit Bihar for the travel purpose, just don’t forget to visit one of the amazing tourist attractions of the state Padri Ki Haveli to experiences something wonderful.

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