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When I received my AdSense Income With The Help Of My Blogging


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Still, I can remember, the day, when I received my first AdSense, income, and it was an incredible and implausible feeling for me to have my AdSense income in my hands.

The voyage and journey of the having AdSense money was not an easy job for me, as it is needed around 2 years of the hard work and dedication for my website,, which I did, without taking break and interruption, and finally, I received my AdSense money, which is through a very small amount but still matters.

While, this journey of the blogging, so many people, tried to break my confidences, saying, that AdSense will not pay me and such and such, it is very difficult to collect that money massive hard work needed for the same, but I never get stop as I decided to have my AdSense money anyway.

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Being a blogger, you will understand this write up of mine and will understand, what is AdSense, is all about, and I hope you will also like this article of mine as with the word, AdSense, lost of emotion is connected from the my side, and I just love AdSense, and its work, I mean blogging.

When I received my AdSense Income With The Help Of My Blogging

Still, I can remember, when I received my first AdSense income, it was 23rd April 2019, and I open my website, on the 2nd November 2016.

So, it means, with the help of around, 2 years of hard work, dedication and blogging and writing, I finally, received my #AdSense income, which is incredible joy for me, alongside, I must say, incredible job for me, that I finally, achieved my #AdSense income and I must say, I’m just loving it.

It is really, doesn’t matter for me, the amount or the number, I received via #AdSense, or my blogging, or my writing work, something, which is incredible, to feel and witnessed via my #AdSense money, is that finally, my blogging work get reward and it also gives me the motivation to do something in my life and encouraged me to do more blogging and writing and loving the term and the word and the work called, #AdSense.

I can say, that my voyage is just amazing in this blogging and in this writing world….

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