Some Actors Who Made The Ramsay Brothers Movies Unforgettable & Impressive: “For decades, the equation has been simple: Horror = Ramsay,” penned by the writer Shamya Dasgupta in his fascinating and thoroughly researched biography book – Don’t Disturb the Dead The Story of the Ramsay Brothers.

Reportedly and As per the Shamya Dasgupta’s book Ramsay Brother, prominent Producer and filmmaker from the Bollywood, known for their horror genre movies are hails from Karachi, Pakistan before relocating to Mumbai in 1947.

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So after settling down in Mumbai, the Ramsay family started producing Hindi movies in 1954 before though those movies were general or normal genre movies.

But in the early 1970s, the Ramsay Brothers decided to make horror movies, which includes Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche, Purana Mandir, and Saamri, to taste success and they continue their legacy until the 1990s.

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Being a 90s kid I must say I watched all those Ramsay Brother’s movies and for me or that generation, Ramsay Brother were synonymous with to the horror genre.

Anyway, I’m already inspired from the Shamya Dasgupta’s book, so in this article, I tried to relocate or mentioned some details of those actors mainly worked in Ramsay Brother’s movies to make those movies famous.

Some Actors Who Made The Ramsay Brothers Movies Unforgettable & Impressive:

Top 5 Horror films by #RamsayBrothers – spine-chilling for a 90’s kid

1). Mohnish Bahl

Only one-time Mohnish Bahl, widely known as the legendary late actress, Nutan’s son did only one horror movie, Purana Mandir with the Ramsay Brother’s but he never considers the movie reportedly helpful for him.

He considers selecting Purana Mandir was the result of the lack of advice and eventually, he tastes success with the blockbuster movie Maine Pyaar Kiya as a supporting role.

‘As far as I am concerned, Purana Mandir didn’t help my career at all. But it was a wonderful experience, mainly because they are all such good people, and they were so good at knowing what they wanted to do. I would act with them again today if I could. I think they can do it again if they wanted to because they are fabulous with their craft,’ Bahl said, regarding his experiences of working with Ramsay Brother’s.

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2). Arti Gupta 

Arti Gupta is another actress who is known for working in the Ramsay Brother’s movies, often recognized as “Ramsay Girl”, but things did not work out somehow.

She did 2 movies with the Ramsay Brother’s, like, Tehkhana and Purana Mandir. When she signed Purana Mandir, Gupta was still in her teens and was a full-time model and got a big break with the scary film Purana Mandir but the film did not really help her in her Bollywood career.

Akin to her co-star Mohnish Behl, she does regret doing the movie, but she actually considers the Ramsay Brother’s as the wonderful people of the Bollywood.

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3). Hemant Birje

Hemant Birje is another actor of the Hindi film industry, who is mostly known for the Ramsay Brother’s series or movies.

Though, because of his muscular body and mainly face,  Hemant Birje made his acting debut In 1985, as Tarzan in Babbar Subhash’s Adventures of Tarzan, opposite famous and top actress of the B-Town Kimi Katkar.

After the success of Adventures of Tarzan, Hemant Birje, appeared in Tahkhana, his second outing, and, two years later, in Veerana, his eighth film and one of the best and popular movies of the Ramsay Brother’s.

Some Actors Who Made The Ramsay Brothers Movies Unforgettable & Impressive:

Regarding casting famous actors on their movies, Tulsi Ramsay,  one of the siblings from the Ramsay Brother’s, said, ‘They used to come cheap and they were happy to spend all their time with us. Dev Anand, Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar – they didn’t want to do horror. They were expensive. I won’t lie, we did try to get them. But not in a big way. We approached them, let’s see what they have to say. But with the actors we got, we went to Mahabaleshwar for forty to fifty days at a stretch; there were no date hassles, no ego issues. The hero and heroine made tea for us and they became part of the family, and we didn’t have to spend much money”.

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4). Deepak Parashar

Deepak Parashar is mainly known for his famous movie Nikaah and Sharabi as a supporting actor, but he worked with Ramsay Brother’s in another horror outing, Purani Haveli.

In 1976, he was crowned very first Mr. India to joined the Bollywood and graced in the Ramsay Brother’s movies. Apart from Purani Haveli, he worked with Ramsay Brother’s, in more 2 movies, Aakhree Cheekh, Shaitaani Ilaaka and Ajooba Kudrat Ka.

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4). Amita Nangia

Mainly known for her popular TV series, Tara, Amita Nangia, appeared in the Ramsay Brother’s movie Purani Haveli.

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5). Sripradha

Blessed with a beautiful face Sripradha appeared in the Ramsay Brother’s movie, Shaitaani Ilaaka, and Aakhree Cheekh.

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6). Javed Khan

Javed Khan, an alumnus of the Pune Film Institute, is also appeared in the Ramsay Brother’s movie, Aakhree Cheekh and eventually he also worked in Ramsay Brother’s with his most popular TV series, Zee Horror Show, repeatedly in his series.

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Ramsay’s were never too picky or the selective, ‘The boy should be smart and the girl should be sexy,’ Tulsi said to the ScrollIn.

‘They came easily, and we didn’t have to spend too much money on them; often they wore their own clothes and sometimes we arranged clothes for them. That’s it.’

Ramsay actor says, that the brothers didn’t pay much but whatever they paid they paid on time. ‘They were very jolly; there was a lot of fun all the time. The whole family would be there, eating, drinking, working”.

One Ramsay’s actor Ajay Agarwal (Mainly portrayed Ghost’s roles in those movies) added further: ‘very nice people’.

Ajay Agarwal, the Ramsays’ pet monster.

He goes on: ‘They were not making big payments, because they made low-budget films. But it was a family affair, which was nice. And they were all very honest. What they promised you, they paid you. They would say right at the start that they couldn’t pay much. And all of us knew that they genuinely didn’t have much money.’

7). Vijayendra Ghatge

Vijayendra Ghatge is mostly known for his supporting roles in the 1970s and 1980s but he also appeared in some of the Ramsay Brother’s movies in meaty roles, which includes, Veerana and AAkhree Cheekh.

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8). Neelam Mehra

The TV actress Neelam Mehra used to regularly features, in the Ramsay Brother’s movies, which includes, Aakhree Cheekh, Purani Haveli, and Shiataani Ilaka.

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