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Aadiperukku: All You Need To Know About This Most Famous Festival Of South India

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Event Name: Aadiperukku 2019
Venue: Tamil Nadu

The festivals namely, Aadiperukku, go for magic and delightful the endowments of Mother Cauvery and the Sun God which is also showering thriving through guard gather and copious precipitation. There is a concept and most of the time assurance that young ladies can show their keen on this puja Aadiperukku.

If anybody will be interested in this Aadiperukku then they need to perform the pujas and at river banks offering rice and jaggery that will be honored with great spouses and upbeat and tranquil life.

Concerning the Aadiperukku celebration, the Tamil Nadu and whole India cop had made expand security plans in the waterway banks & Aadiperukku is the mainly famous festival of the Tamil Nadu.

The fire and protect administrations workforce were available already of good quality that the common citizen feels not any problem for this Aadiperukku 2018 celebration.

The official hardware had also raised transitory dress evolving rooms, toilets and made drinking water and lighting offices. All aficionados often wish to go to the dam stop at Mettur, to celebrate the festival called Aadiperukku.

Aadiperukku: All You Need To Know About This Most Famous Festival Of South India

Rituals of Aadi Perukku:

1). On this sacred day of the Aadi Perukku, women worship Goddess Parvati. And they offer various kinds of rice dishes to the Goddess. In the rice dishes, it will be good for all women to includes, coconut rice, sweet Pongal, curd rice, bahala rice, lemon rice and tamarind rice for the festival Aadi Perukku. The devotees also worship the blessed river Mother Cauvery with rice offerings, Akshata, and flowers.

2). The festival of Aadi Perukku is mainly observed by families who are settled in the banks of Cauvery River. On this fortunate day, of the Aadiperukku, all relatives and friends collectively pray for the intermittent supply of water which can be the outcome of the good harvest. The devotees take a dip in the holy water and after the shower, people need to wear new clothes and perform some rituals at the bathing ghats along the Cauvery River. This will be followed by ‘abhishekham’ of Kaveri Amman.

3). A special lamp is prepared using jaggery and rice flour will be placed on the mango leaves, to which a yellow thread, turmeric, and flowers need to be added there at the festival of this Aadiperukku. The lamp is lit by the women with the help of their family and everybody with its accompaniments is floated in the river.

4). This special rice preparation is known as ‘Kalandha Sadham’ that is the cook on the festival of the Aadi Perukku. After completing the puja, the devotees eat together with the food on banks of the river with their family. The entire event looks like a picnic on the banks of Cauvery River.

5). Young girls observe this auspicious puja together with married women. It is a popular belief that this will be pious if all unmarried girls will prepare the offerings of Kaapparisi (a sweet dish made from jaggery and hand-crushed rice), Karugamani (black colored beads) and Kaadholai (earrings carved out of palm leaves) and if they do so they will be blessed with good husbands. Young women play and dance to the tunes of folk songs on this lavish festival Aadi Perukku.

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6). In some Tamil people communities, the sons-in-law are invited on the occasion of this Aadi Perukku to gift them new clothes. There is also a ritual in some districts of Tamil Nadu, wherein the newlyweds need to spend a before Aadi Perukku at their parents’ home. Then on the day of Aadi Perukku, all women add a gold coin is added to their ‘Mangalsutra’ or ‘thali’ and then the girls can go return to their husband’s home.


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