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And Finally, I Fell in Love With a Stranger, No..No

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Love at First Sight! Yes, It Was

Even before I could realize what was happening to me, I felt something strange. It was a soothing-sweet feeling. I am falling short of words to describe how that felt deeper inside the arteries and veins of my heart.

To begin with, it was an introductory product launch ceremony in Moscow. A lot of spectators had arrived to grace the show.

I was the product manager, so I was giving demonstration to the visitors about my product.

People Having a Concert

Cutting the long story short, a gracious Journo in her early thirties approached me with a smile.

That journo came forward asking me more details about the product, which I respectfully explained to her as she jotted down the same on her notebook.

Portrait of Young Woman Against White Background

She gave me her office visiting card, and I put the same inside my wallet.

Once the event was over, I took a cab and went to my hotel.

Love or Death: What Will You Choose?

Next Morning, I was determined to visit that lady journo at office. However, destiny took me somewhere else!

While checking the visiting card, I recalled that the lady’s name was Jenny Olivia, and she worked as a business reporter at some leading business daily in Russia.

I immediately went to that office to meet Jenny. And, it was important to me both professionally and personally as well. I wanted to know more about her and also about her personal feedback about my company’s product.

I reached the office and asked about Jenny at the reception desk. In a sombered tone, a receptionist replied that She is no more!

Jenny Is Dead!

I was taken aback. What the Hell. I met her last night, she was all fine then what has suddenly happened to her? Even before I could react further or say something…

What? Jenny!

There she is standing on the roof of the opposite building. Meanwhile, Receptionist was telling me the entire story of Jenny’s demise, but somehow my eyes stuck to the roof, where Jenny was clearly waving her hands at me.

I immediately rushed to the roof and found that Jenny was standing on her leg on top of the roof’s railing. I rushed to save her… Because I loved her so much at first sight.

Wait, Jenny Is Alive

Just then, I found Jenny was holding my hand from behind. I was shivering with an unusual fear. There can’t be two Jenny: one behind me and the other in front of me!

Jenny embraced me tightly from behind and said, run away from here. As soon as both of us left the building, it immediately collapsed like a pack of cards.

In fact, the total site was cursed and jinxed, it was a haunted area in Moscow. Ghosts and dead spirits won’t let anyone survive here! It was an isolated area around 112-Km away from Moscow’s din and bustle.

Person in Black Coat Standing in Forest

I was still in shock and didn’t know where was my life heading to. I was struggling to breathe out of sheer fear.

The Enigma of Jenny

Jenny was a same reporter to whom I met at that event. But the place where she worked was full of evil spirits, in fact that entire locality. That’s the reason why I only saw a single receptionist in that office.

In fact, it was not a media office but a graveyard. Some evil supernatural powers made it to believe as a media office.So, that they could easily kill people.

Gray Concrete House

Gradually, taking me into confidence, Jenny told me that it was her first day at office and she didn’t know anything about it – neither about the office or the locality. 

When I wanted to know who brought her here? Jenny said, she was urgently looking for a job. And a mysterious women had given her this job reference. Where is that mysterious woman now?

She died at this very graveyard due to a cardiac arrest while trying to visit her husband’s grave a week ago. The news about the same was published in newspapers just a few hours back.

Somehow, both of us ran to the nearby police station safely without any further trouble and told everything to them.

Soon, firefighters and rescue squad ran towards that building. Holding onto each other closely, we promised to never get separated from each other. However, I still doubt, anyone or Police would ever believe us. 

A few hours later, I received a call from the Police station that informed me that there was no building collapse nor any chaos anywhere in Moscow.

I and Jenny don’t know whether to call it a nightmare or a narrow escape from death? Thankfully, We are living happily after that episode. Hopefully, it continues like that!

(As Stated by Nicholas Jonh)

Note: Any resemblance to this story will be a pure coincidence and the publisher will not be responsible for that.)

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