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A Fun Trip To Rajgir In Bihar And Things To Do

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Rajgir is one of the many picturesque spots in Bihar that continues to attract tourists from all around the globe. Located around 100 Kms away from Patna’s busy Jayprakash Narayan Airport, Rajgir is an important landmark in the glorious saga of Indian history.

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You can reach Patna from Hyderabad within two hours by flight. Patna to Rajgir is then about another two-hour drive by road. 

#3) Pandu Pokhar: The Amusement Park

It is an amusement park that is close to the nature. If you are looking for a perfect spot to enjoy with your family, than this is the ideal spot for you. Mild walking to Jogging or simply delving deep into meditation mode, Pandu Pokhar disappoints none. Kids love aqua zorbing, fishing and boating here.

#2) Venu Van: Finding Peace in Nature

Many believe Venu Van as the first Buddhist monastery in the world. It is an ancient structure and stays far away from the din and bustle of Rajgir town. Rajgir’s Venu Van is one of the best tourist spots in Rajgir.

#1) Vishwa Shanti Stupa: The Pagoda of Peace

This monument is especially dedicated to world peace. It was constructed by the Buddhist community of Japan. The domed structure is surrounded by Lord Buddha’s statues from all sides. It was built in 1969, and continues to be a major attraction for the tourists.

Three-four hours of sightseeing are enough to explore the marvel of Rajgir. Also, you can enjoy some of the delicious dishes like Litti Chokha, Chhole bature, and Fochka at the nearby corners of the street. So, what holds you back?

Just pack your bag and go out. I can assure you it would be an amazing experience and you will love it.