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9Apps Review

9Apps is an ideal alternative to Google’s official Play Store. 9Apps due to its cons is not officially available and every time we have to sideload the application. It is widely known that 9Apps is made in India, and one can even make out with the help of its features although it is later occupied by Alibaba group.

In this article, we will be talking about 9 apps, reviewing it’s certain/top features. You can also get a lot of information about 9 apps on

With 9Apps you get a wide range of applications which you can download for daily usage that too without any additional cost. All the applications of 9Apps are available for free.

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Currently, the application is supported by all the versions of Android and also supports 14 different languages. There is a huge chance that you can get many different applications for free which are available on Android as the paid one. With 9Apps we get a host of different features which makes it the most liked application on Android despite it is not available on the official Play Store.

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In 2018 we are suspecting 9Apps to get with more and more features on to the application currently the application is the longest running application since 1999. Although back then it used to offer applications on Nokia and Samsung based Java devices, which later also got hold of Symbian and Bada based applications. Currently, we can only find Android-based applications on 9Apps.

The app offers most paid apps for free and in terms, it does a bit of paid promotions which is quite acceptable for their means of income. There are different games offered by 9Apps with which you can earn coins which help to get the required app for free via Play Store. Also, 9Apps offers us a wide variety of application category with which we can distinguish different applications and get the one which we need specifically. Although these categories also have sub-category which means 9Apps is beautifully loaded with tons of categorization to help the users.

Final Words-

In this article, we have talked about Top quality features of 9 apps, reviewed the original application on play store and also the apk version of the same. Thank you for reading and let us know via the comments section if we have missed out on anything.

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