9 Bollywood Actors, Who Flaunted Their Amazing Physique Onscreen

9 Bollywood Actors, Who Flaunted Their Amazing Physique Onscreen:-

We always want a delicious dessert after a tasty meal. Similarly, cinema lover wants something more entertaining in the films they are watching.

Taking off their shirt by heroes is like a desert which will people enjoy after their meal.


9 Bollywood Actors, Who Flaunted Their Amazing Physique Onscreen

Salman Khan – Salman Khan removed his shirt in each and every film and show his amazing muscular physique to the audiences.


Akshay Kumar – Akshay Kumar one of the fittest actors of Bollywood and he also show his bare body in some of his films. Like, Kambakht Ishq and Boss.


Shahrukh Khan – Badshah Khan promised his friend Farah Khan that he will take off his shirt when she will direct a film and King keep his promised. He shows his shirtless avatar with a six-pack in the film Om Shanti Om and danced in a song, “Dil me mere Hain dared disco “.


Ajay Devgn – Ajay Devgn is not different from his contemporaries. He makes his fans speechless when he shows his complete shaved bare body with six pack abs in the film Singham.


Aamir Khan – Aamir Khan received much media hype when he removed his shirt from his body in the film Ghajini. He amazed all of us by eight pack abs of his fans.


Take a look at the heroes of the Bollywood who take off their shirt in their films.

Farhan Akhtar – Farhan Akhtar made everybody mesmerized when he removed his shirt in his film Bhaagh Milkha Bhaagh and show his extra fit body. Media and fans discuss a lot about his well-toned body.

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Ranveer Singh – Young actor Ranveer Singh is not far away from showing his bare body.  He shows his shirtless body in the film Raamleela and dance in a song, “tatad tatad”. This new avatar of Singh got extra hype from media and on social networking site.


Jacky Bhagnani – Rangrez actor is doing every damn thing which will give him success. He removed his shirt in most of his films. He even tried shirtless “gagman style” in the shirtless body in his film Rangrez.


John Abraham – John Abraham dares to bare and seduced even male along with female.


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