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8 Beautiful Quotes On Smile Said By Me


A smile is a beautiful gift of god or you can say facial expressions which only restore positive energy in the human beings mind and mood.

Literally, we can say that the Smile or smiling is an expression represent and symbolize the pleasure, sociability, happiness, joy or amusement. Smile also kicks away all kind of tension, anxiety and depression from our lives anyway.

The Smile is just a beautiful feeling, emotion, symbol or gestures which only bring pleasure and happiness in our lives.

8 Beautiful Quotes On Smile Said By Me

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For instance, sometimes we became very happy when we play with cats or babies and in that time automatically Smile arrive and come in our face.

This will be also yet to know that Smile is a proper way to show your gratitude to people around you and this can also work in favor of you and your family.

Smile also help us to stay physically fit and fine which is indeed scientifically proven fact.

When we smile or keep smiling while speaking with someone and this motion or the gesticulation of us automatically send positive signal to the person whom we are talking and when we smile, he or she will be further love to communicate with us.

Literally, Smile is the best body language we can posses

1). Smile is a gift of God.

2). Never depends on the other people for your happiness.

3). U r my happiness.

4). My Smile is my love and I can’t compromise with that.

5). Playing with cat can bring smile on my face.

6). Smile is a perfect way to show your positive reception and appreciation to the world.

7). Smile is one of the best body language we blessed with and this is also kind of art you know.

8). Smile spread happiness and kick out the stress and tension.

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