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When I Visited Visakhapatnam, I Just Received Some Travelling Goals

As we all know about the metro town, Visakhapatnam, is consider as the land of superlatives both in beauty and virtues and in this article we will be discus the 7 top interesting facts about the city Visakhapatnam, which can gives you some travelling goals.

The city is famous for its beauty and splendor that can be witness and can be seen in the form of greenery and vegetation.

The city is famous for its oldest and the rich history, peace-loving atmosphere and people and its varieties of culinary recipe, dishes and treats. By the way, let me tell, you that seafood in the city is just heaven that can give you some taste goals anyway.

With the growing times, now Visakhapatnam is actually witness massive development, alongside, the city is famous nationally for its beauty.

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7 Amazing Facts About Visakhapatnam Will Be Going To Gives You Some Travelling Goals.

1). Visakhapatnam is also known as Vizag which is the largest city and the financial capital of the Andhra Pradesh.

2). As per the Wikipedia, the history of the city Visakhapatnam is ancient from the 6th century BCE, which is regarded as the part of the Kalinga Kingdom.

3). Telugu language is mainly spoken in the city.

4). Visakhapatnam is also famous place of various monks for the meditation and if you see the relics and architecture of the city, you can then witness the immense Buddhist flavor and essence in the city.

5). The city is famous for various kinds of street foods, like, Tomato Bajji, Muri Mixture, Dosa.

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6). You will be also surprised to know that beauty of the city Vizag is rich on one hand, on the other hand, atmosphere or climate of the city is very beautiful, attractive and lovely which can also make you romantic and can also gives you some romantic goals.

7). I just visit the city first time and once on few days and time ago and I just falls in love with the city, so I suggest you to visit the city Vizag once, if you are travel freak and looking for some travelling goals.