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I Dislike Alcohol & I Must Say I Have Reason For That

In our society, especially, Indian society, we don’t consider consuming of Alcohol good, though, it is okay genuinely as per thought or reportedly, consuming of Alcohol in occasionally.

However, everybody, have different opinion about, Alcohol and regarding consuming the same. Well, we think, Alcohol is quite, “Moderation.” Let’s discuss, something very unique about Alcohol, if I hate Alcohol then why I hate Alcohol?

I Dislike Alcohol & I Must Say I Have Reason For That

1). Alcohol can leave a bad impact on your creativity and imagination

Alcohol is as per various reports, as such bad as it can not only destroy people’s creativity, also wipe out the good imagination and thought. And if you are writer or author, then Alcohol, will be leave surely a bad impact on your creativity.

When people consume, Alcohol, they lose their focus, which can be result in loosing of the creativity, which will be obviously, leave a bad impact on your work.

2). Such an useless drink, Alcohol, which is, though, expensive!

Such a useless drink, Alcohol, which is, though, expensive! Unless, people, consume, desi sharab, but still, when you, consume, videshi sharab, it is quite expensive, and in these hard times, purchasing of the Alcohol is just wasting of money and nothing, as Alcohol will not only invest your money in wrong place, this will be also going to affect your health badly.

3). Drinking Alcohol is equal to the wasting of time

In my personal opinion, when you drink Alcohol you just waste your time. And yes I’ll not discuss, why drinking of the Alcohol means wasting of time, as even a 12 years-old-kid will be also narrate you the reasons easily.

4). Dependency

Some people, actually, drink heavily that they became physical and emotional dependency on alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal can be difficult even it can be life-threatening.

So, if Alcohol is so bad then why people should make habit to drink the same, in fact, they should never fall into the bad company of rum.

5). Destroy your Digestive system

The connection between alcohol consumption and human’s digestive system is actually vital and strong. The side effects often only appear post there has been damage. And the more people drink, the greater the damage will be visible which will be going to affect Digestive system of the human body so it is genuinely better to avoid Alcohol.

6). Bad impact on the Immune system

Drinking heavily reduces your body’s natural immune system. This makes it easy to get into the germs and viruses on your body.

People who drink heavily over a long period of time can develop disease like, pneumonia or tuberculosis anyway, so this is ideal to say that Alcohol can be result in the bad health or disease.

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