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6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

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If you follow technology news regularly, then you are probably aware of various ransomware doing rounds over the internet. Recently, there have been cyber-attacks over vulnerable computer systems in the world where hackers have hijacked the devices asking for a ransom to return the crucial data to the users. Ransomware is only one of the cyber threats. If we notice the persistent problems on the web then phishing, malware, viruses, and hacking have been able to cause problems to people for years.

What is common among the users who become a victim of these attacks is their lack of awareness on how to deal with these situations and not taking precautionary measures. Through this post, we intend to inform you about the steps that you can take to prevent yourself from major Cyber Attacks on the internet.

1. Strong Passwords

Setting up a straightforward and predictable password for their digital accounts is a mistake that many people commit on the web. You must realize that most of the password crackers that are used to hack accounts input the predictable and commonly used words to take over the user’s account. So, refrain yourself from typing weak passwords like ‘iloveyou123’ and ‘123456seven’ next time you make an account online.

The best practice for choosing a password is by typing a minimum of 8-letter password, which is a phrase and not a word. Use of symbols, mixed capitalized letters and numbers is also something you should consider while making a password. It will also be favorable for you if you use non-English words as your passwords.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the best option you can go for, to keep hackers from accessing your email and other digital accounts. If you do not know yet, most of the accounts on the internet, be it emails or social media, provide the option of entering an OTP from your phone every time after the password is input in the account. Doing this helps you put an added layer of security like two-factor authentication.  

3. Antivirus Applications

You also need to get an antivirus program on your computers and phones to protect it from any malware and viruses that enter them through various means. Getting the Zonealarm anti phishing software will be of extreme help to you as it provides all-round protection to the systems in which it is installed. Make sure to have such software in your ranks.

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4. Recognizing Scams

It would be best if you had an eye to recognize scams when you come across them. Never fall for frauds where you are asked to provide your bank account credentials or of winning prize money. Don’t even bother to read those emails and keep them marked as spam, so you do not have to see them again. It will also be beneficial if you keep yourself from clicking suspicious links on your emails as they might be phishing sites. Read news regularly to stay aware of recently used fraud methods to be able to avoid them.

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5. Using Flash Drives on Your Computer

The worst kind of malware is introduced to your computer when you plug the same pen drives used everywhere on your personal devices. Your PC might not be infected initially, but after coming from other devices, a pen drive often results in the adding malware to it. Majority of antiviruses have the option of scanning flash drives whenever they are plugged in your PC, so make sure to enable that option.

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6. Informing Your Bank in Case of Frauds

Many people are hesitant to reach out to banks whenever a fraudulent transaction happens from their account, to avoid embarrassment and paper-works. You must understand that authorities work hard to prevent these incidents from happening, and if you keep them informed, they can make the systems better. Many banks in various countries even revert the transactions if the account holder in the bank reports of fraud in a limited time.

These are the best practices you must be aware of to avoid the threat of cyber attacks on your digital devices. Be mindful of these tips, and you will never be a victim of a cyber attack in the future.

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