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6 Foods & Habit To Deal With The Period Pain Or Cramps

The period is a monthly cycle phenomenon by which every woman goes through for the each month. The period is not a disease but the Period is a normal monthly cycle which is common to each woman as each woman feels Period on the each month.

Sometimes some women suffer from painful periods, and in this article we will discuss some process to get rid of the Period pain which is quite common for each woman to bear.

Already the menstrual cycle or period make us lazy and we also feel uneasy on these times being a girl. Mood swing is quite common in this time also.

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Now we will discuss some process and food which can help you to get rid of the monthly Period pain.


6 Foods & Habit To Deal With Period Pain Or Cramps

1). Eat proper food and diet

Just eat and take proper food and diet regularly, special during the time of period which includes the calcium and the magnesium daily.  At the time of the menstrual cycle, girls and women loses massive blood and daily blood which can be refill by proper food and diet only.

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2). Go Greens

Dark leafy greens vegetables are good source of the magnesium, calcium, and innumerable other micronutrients.  These nutrients are essential for women, especially, during the period time and these green vegetables will be helping her body to deal with the period cramps or pain also.

So ladies go green, especially, during the period time.

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3). Take shower regularly

Taking shower regularly will also help you to deal with the Period pain, especially, when you take shower with warm water, as washing body can help your body to be clean and also maintain proper body temperature of yours.

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4). Avoids caffeine

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Caffeine, especially from coffee, should be avoided during the period time. Otherwise, we also know that the habit of consuming much tea or coffee is not good, so just avoid it during the monthly cycle which will be good for your monthly cycle health.

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5). Take care of cleanness

At the time of your monthly cycle it is must and suggestible for women to take care of the cleanness. That means religiously, on the interval of 1 or 3 hours of gap they should change their pad or napkins which will be keeps your internal part happy and dry.

It will be also help ladies to deal with the mood swings which are quite common during period and your cleanness will help you to stay healthy.

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Avoids using rags during this time and go for pad as Rags or a piece of clothes, can gives you’re that soften area some rashes and some infections.

6). Proper sleep

Proper sleep is also touted as the good habit during the time of menstrual cycle as Proper sleep will help to build up energy in the human body and also help that body who is somehow losing blood.

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So proper sleep and the good amount of sleep is also helpful and good during this monthly cycle period anyway.

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