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6 Beautiful Reasons To Visit India On This September-October

Travel is something which is very joyous and it is also work as the stress buster. We all are ready to welcome, the spring season, March, and co-incidentally, March is the same season or month when we say Tata bye bye to the winter and the cold season and we also turn to be ready to welcome the summer season.

So I think March is the time, which is perfect time, to go for travel, and when you are planning to go for a travel, in a different nation, in that case, I think, India, is the best nation to go for travel and this travel or journey or voyage can also make your upcoming days of the March month as the awesome.

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In this article we will discuss some perfect reasons to visit the nation India on this March. Let’s see!!

6 Beautiful Reasons To Visit India On This March

1). Beauty of the nature

We all know this phrase, that, “Agar Dharthi Pe Kahin, Swarg Hain, Toh Who, Kashmir Mein Hain” (Kashmir is a paradise of the beauty), and it is Kashmir, I mean Jammu Kashmir, a state in the nation, India, which is full of beauty beyond words.

And Jammu Kashmir, is one of the beautiful state of the India, followed, by, Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling, are some other beautiful states of the nation, India, and those above

Mentioned states are having blessed beauty regarding, their nature and travel beauty.

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2). Fusion of the different cultures

India is the only countries in this world, where we can see the, Fusion of the different cultures, which is indeed also, promote the unity in diversity. Different kinds of cultures, various kinds of languages, different kinds of traditions and custom, we can see here, in India, which is certainly, promoted the Fusion of the different cultures.

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3). Various kinds of rich and sumptuous cuisines

In India, it is also quite common to see, Various kinds of rich and sumptuous cuisines, because, the nation is land of food and food is just incredible here which are enough to bring water in your mouth.

Whether, it is samosas, or biryani, tadka, or daal fry, paratha or kachoiri, in India we can see and get food in variety genre which is also turn to be extravagant.

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4). Historical and world famous age old monuments

It will be really, undoubtedly, it will fine to say, that the India is the hand of history, as the nation is home of the various Historical and world famous age old monuments, which is also display the rich historical background of the nation.

The beauty of the historical monuments is just rich here and which is also globally famous, is actually, reasons of the major tourist attraction.

Some of the famous and beautiful historical monuments of India are, Taj Mahal, Lal Qila, Gol Ghar, Gateway of India, India Gate, Fatehpur Sikhri and so on.

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5). Land of festivals

India is one of the nations in this world, where you can be witness and celebrate different kinds of incredible festival, which can also going to gives you some “festive goals”.

No wonder, why, India is known as the “Land of festivals”, and it is various kinds of different carnival is another reason to visit India and by coming here, you guys can know about different kind of the Indian festival, and most important is that you can also discuss about these different kinds of the Indian festival with the fellow Indians of the nation.

From Diwali to Dashera, from Holi to Lohri, from Basant Panchami to Naag Panchami, from Solah Somwaari puja to the Sawan, each festival in the country, India is interesting and full of devotion.

And in the month of March, when you will visit India, you can as a voyager, enjoy two major carnivals of the nation, 1 is full of entertainment and recreation and other is full of devotion.

Like, in the month of March, we Indians celebrate, Holi, which is the color of festival and the festival is full of recreation.

On the other side, on the month of March, we also celebrate the festival, Mahashivratri, in which we all worship, the Lord Mahadeva, one of the supreme, Hindu deity, and when you will witness his worship, which is in India take place in grand manner, will give you some devotional goals.

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6). Indian Film Industry

The Indian Film Industry is one of the major sources of the entertainment in this big world, which is also globally, famous and popular. The Indian Film Industry is consists of the Bollywood and the Indian regional film industry, which is also growing these days, especially, the South Indian cinema became too popular and trendy in this world.

From Amitabh Bachchan to Rajnikanth, from Kamal Haassan to Sridevi, from Shah Rukh Khan to Mohanlal, and from Madhuri Dixit to Ramya Krishnan, from Ranveer Singh to Jr NTR, from Allu Arjun to Puneeth Rajkumar, in India there are so many good actors, the Indian Film Industry is blessed with.

Irrespective of the languages, most of the people, in this Indian Film Industry, make their felt presences globally, in this big world, where there are already so many actors we are having from the different nations, but indeed, magic of the Indian celebrities’ is just barely credible.

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Indian Actor Dev Anand Statue