If you are keen to drive massive traffic to your blog or website, then, the social media site, Instagram presents a unique set of challenges and confronts by which you can drive an immense traffic to your site via Instagram.

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Fortunately, now the #Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram Stories which has given and has been provided a new way for brands to get clicks and page views from their engaged Instagram viewers and spectators.

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Though, it is not possible in the Instagram account to add any website or blog link which actually make the users frustrated who are wish to use this social media in order to promote their business.

Although, the public can add one hyperlink to work with — which will be mentioned in the #Instagram bio —  which is also helpful though as whenever people will be visiting your bio they can see the website link of yours anyway which is also a mode of your brand promotion.

Sometimes, the Instagram is touted as a challenging tool for driving traffic.

Since the mentioned social media was launched as the business accounts in 2016, Instagram has made it a priority to help brands, websites or blog sites and their followers so that public can interact in meaningful ways with the entrepreneur though.

If you’re struggling to drive traffic to your brand’s website from #Instagram, then scroll this article and read it properly which might help your website or brand to earn huge traffic via your insta account.

#1. ‘Don’t forget to mention the website “Link in Bio!”

This is the easy and a simple way to drive traffic to your website from Instagram when you will include your website link in your bio. You can update this link as often; whenever you want to promote a particular link and this bio link will help you to drive traffic in your site.

Most brands link to their homepage which they generally don’t change which is not good though. Though, the brands that are driving the most revenue from Instagram frequently actually update the link most of the time when they wish to promote their particular link anyway.

You could specify by saying, “click the link in bio for more information” so that your website can have proper exposure and this will also turn to out be creative!”

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#2. Run an Instagram Ad Campaign

Another simple way to drive traffic to your website from the Instagram account is by running and organizing an ad campaign. Unlike organic posts, Instagram ads having chances to be clickable on the entrepreneurs; #Instagram account.

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#3. Tag Your Products or creativity

#Instagram recently began rolling out a new service which permits specific and certain businesses to tag products in their organic Instagram photos. When a user clicks this product or anything that will appear in front of your audiences with a short product description and the public can also have the other option to click-through to the website in to learn more or to buy certain things.

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#4. “Swipe Up” or “See More” on Instagram Stories

At the same time as when the organic posts on Instagram aren’t linkable, organic Stories are linkable but you need a verified account generally for that.

There are So Many brands can become eligible for verification, and having a plenty of the followers which is needed and require for the proper promotion of your services.

You can see there is a little arrow at the bottom, situated in the Instagram story section that will help public or your audiences to swipe up to “See More #Instagram stories.”

Once a user swipes up on a linked Story then that story can take audiences to the web page that the brand or website decided on to promote.

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#5. Magic of Hashtag

Whenever you share anything on your Insta account don’t forget to mention the keyword with the proper hashtag as hashtag also play important role in the Insta story or update ta promotion.

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Suppose you will be share any cat or dog pic in your #Instagram account then doesn’t forget to mention the word cat or dog in your insta account with the hashtag. Like you will be writing Dog like this, #Dog or Cat #Cat.


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