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5 Most Amazing Things to Do in Surat

Gujarat is well-known for its happy-go-lucky nature with the folks all invested and skilled in conducting business. It is also a prominent center for the beautiful stone diamond that is cut and polished here itself. The city also holds the tag of 3rd Cleanest City In India.

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Let’s check out the top 5 most amazing things to do in Surat.

  1. Have fun at Amaazia Water Park

The Amaazia Water Park in Surat is among the most famous names when it comes to water parks with the best rides and amazingly unparalleled experience. This particular water park ranks at the top position among the water parks in Surat with thrill rides, kids rides, as well as fun rides that use technologies superior to any other park in the city.

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  1. Hajira Village

The Hajira Village is a beautiful town that is known for the idyllic beaches as well as the transshipment port that comes with the shallow depth of water. It is located by Arabian’s sea in Gujarat near Surat. Apart from being a renowned destination for recreational purposes, this village is also well-known for the health tourism that comes from the availability of an array of springs with hot water. People from different places visit the sea beach to look at the beauty of the sea during the dusk as well as dawn.

  1. Visit The Dutch Garden

Not everyone would love to go to a cemetery but Dutch Garden located in Surat stands as an exception to this. This is a place dedicated to officers from far and wide who settled down in Gujarat to carry on their respective business ventures. It is among the significant places to visit when in Surat. The striking feature that makes this garden stand out from the rest is its huge as well as imposing tombs that tell the tale of glory and power. The biggest tomb in this cemetery belongs to George Oxenden and Christopher Oxenden. These 2 English traders took over Surat based English Factory. Another beautifully constructed tomb in this garden is the one for Baron Adrian Van Reede. He used to be a part of Dutch Company in India as the director.

  1. Sardar Patel Museum

The Sardar Patel Museum houses more than 10,000 beautifully preserved specimen based on artistic creation. It came into existence in the year 1890, this particular museum showcased a wide collection of antique and well-crafted masterpieces that are constructed from metal, sandalwood, terracotta, and wood. A major faction of these artifacts comes from the time around Mughal Era. The museum houses some of the important manuscripts as well as the old painting made from oil along with other items that perfectly describe the ancient history of Surat. Apart from that, you can also take a look at the open-air theatre located at this museum which can easily accommodate around 400 people at a single go. Get to know more about Sardar Patel Museum by visiting the website

  1. Iskcon Temple

The Iskcon Temple has its presence all over India and is dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna. However, the one located in Surat ranks among some of the beautiful ones. The temple offers a perfectly calm place to meditate and become one with the almighty. The major attraction of the Iskcon temple that brings visitors from far and wide is the evening aarti that takes place at 7 pm.        

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