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5 best foods to have at the New Year Party

Say you have planned the New Year party with friends after quite a long time. Now, what’s the most essential element of a party! It’s the food, right? More than often, deciding upon the New Year party menu can get pretty confusing. So whether yours is a theme party or the simple old classic pomp and show, make sure you add these food items on your menu and get set rocking.

New Year Party

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5 best foods to have at the New Year Party

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1-Chili Potatoes:

Its one thing that you need to know about potatoes is the fact that they are loved by all. Whether you have organized a massive New Year party or a small get together of 5 or 10 people, potatois something you can never go wrong with. Opt for fun versions of this amazing vegetable option such as the Chili potatoes. The deep friend sticks with hint of sweet and savory sauce can make you a popular party thrower. If you aren’t in the mood to cook the same, you can order it at discounted rates with Swiggy Coupons.

Chili Potatoes

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2-Confetti Cupcakes:

Cupcakes can easily be dubbed as the mini form of a cake. It was invented for the parties as an easy and tasty dessert. Now, the confetti cupcakes are the twisted versions of conventional cupcakes. It adds a bit of sparkle to your party making it a big hit. So, enjoy your little cup of dreams as you and your pals party through the New Year eve. You can also order these little cups of joy online at chopped up prices with Faasos Coupon Code.

Confetti Cupcakes

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3-Chicken Wings in Sweet-Chili Sauce:

Chicken dishes mostly get the love and favoritism from the crowd you have at the New Year party. Now, the fried version of chicken wings served along with the sweet-spicy sauce. Win your crowd with this combination and you will surely see all the plates go empty. The color and the crispy texture of this dish surely attract the foodies in your group. So, indulge in an amazing conversation with your peers as you much through this amazing dish.

Chicken Wings in Sweet-Chili Sauce

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4-Paneer Tikka:

Now, how can one forget paneer when you organize a party? The best thing about paneer is its soft texture with a luxurious taste that grows tenfold when you munch on the tandoor version of the same. If you are planning a party with vegetarians too, make sure you have this tasty dish as a part of your menu. White dices rubbed with the goodness of spices and curd followed by a thorough roasting session gets you a dish worth adding to your list.

Paneer Tikka:

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5-Cheese Balls:

Need an easy grab snack for your party? You can never go wrong with the cheese balls. So soft and delicious yet simple looking, this dish will undoubtedly be the favorite of your friends given its crunchy outside and soft inside. Ever thought why we usually say “Cheese” before clicking a picture. This was because the deliciously textured cheese always makes everyone smile.

Cheese Balls

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Indians and their love for food will always make way for introduction of new and inventive dishes to the parties. So make sure these versatile, inexpensive, and delicious food items make you the New Year78party thrower of the era.