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3 Great Do-It-Yourself Scroll Saw Projects

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One of the great things about using a scroll saw is that it can allow the craft of woodworking to be so full of creativity and imagination. Once the tool is mastered by the craftsman, there are few things that cannot be created. While some types of woodworking can be more intricate and complex with other tools, the scroll saw can make the details of any woodworking project easier.

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There are many different types of woodworking plans that a scroll saw can be used for. Some of the most popular ones blend practical use with creative beauty. Defining the design is usually the first step of any wood working project. However, there are also plenty of occasions when people who are creative with woodworking decide on the type of woodworking piece they want to create first and then create a design later. No matter what order a person decides upon, the design portion of any woodworking project is an important, creative and fun experience.

There are easily dozens of different Do-It-Yourself woodworking projects with this tool that are quite popular. Often the type of woodworking piece created depends on the level of woodworking skill. Of all of the top projects using this tool, there are three of the more popular great Do-It-Yourself woodworking pieces that are great to use a scroll saw on.


This is a great endeavor that is easy to create. This offers wonderful opportunities for people with all levels of woodworking skills. Deciding on the type of wood to be used and the design are usually the first two most important decisions with these. Bookends make a great gift and are a wonderful accent piece to any home. The scroll saw is usually used in creating the face of the bookends design.

One of the great advantages of this type of woodworking project is that most bookends can be completed within a reasonable time period. This is part of why they are a popular woodworking project for both beginners and those with more advanced woodworking skills.


This is another one of the most popular Do-It-Yourself woodworking projects that can be readily done with the use of a scroll saw for the detail and designs. Plaques can be a part of a variety of different wood pieces. From name and letter plaques and board plaques to wall pieces and mini ornaments, there is so many opportunities as the imagination and skill level increases.


This is one of the most exciting Do-It-Yourself woodworking pieces. This scroll saw project can be both beautiful and practical. They make wonderful time pieces that can be custom designed to fit any room’s décor.
The most important part is buying the proper time piece to fit within the finished woodwork. This is when it can be most helpful to follow a basic design or plan. Once the basics are defined such as the space for the clock time piece, woodworkers will have the liberty to create or choose from a variety of different designs.

For those people who would love any of these types of projects, there are a great many different Do-It-Yourself woodworking books that offer different designs for book ends, plaques and clocks with a scroll saw. It is important to remember the best woods for these projects are medium to hard woods. Typically, soft woods are too easily damaged for scroll saw use. Additionally, soft woods are not good for detail projects because they can get damaged during the design implementation.

Any of these projects can be either stained and finished off with a lacquer or they can be left in the natural wood state depending on the craftsman’s choice. It may be helpful to have some extra pieces precut for the wood project in case there is damage to one of the pieces during the woodworking process. When this type of thing happens, having wood from the same larger piece will ensure continuity in design in the grains and colors of the wood.

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