12 Facts About The Deadly Crime Rape & Rape Culture You Must Know:  My morning started with this news, that in Gurugram a businessman allegedly rapes his daughter’s friend. Though man has been taken in to bar, this is yet to analyze that every day we read these kinds of news.

Gurgaon Based Businessman Arrested For Allegedly Raping His Daughter’s Friend

Why we read these kinds of news? In one hand yesterday, the news making headlines that in Bihar, a school girl has been raped by her principal, 2 teachers, and some classmates.

And now today we get this news about Gurugram! Just spare a moment to think why rape, a brutal crime against women is going on the high spree?

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Sexual molestation or Rape is touted as one of the most painful, disempowering experiences which an individual can live through. Sorry to say, but, we live in a world where RAPE is a common phenomenon and underreported.

Additionally, we often see RAPE instead of rising their voices against the crime go on a great degree of silence and misinformation regarding the issue.

Because of these factors, many people are devoid of having the knowledge and understanding necessary STEPS to prevent sexual assault or RAPE.

People generally, in any society, often feel shame and feared to speak about RAPE with our friends and family so in this article we will be discuss about some hidden facts of the deafly crime RAPE.

12 Facts About The Deadly Crime Rape & Rape Culture You Must Know

1). Origin of the term rape

The term rape originates from the Latin word, rapere (supine stem raptum), “to snatch, to grab, to carry off”. From the 14th century, the term has come to implies it’s meaning and apply for the sentence of “to seize and take away by force”.

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2). Rape culture is persisting since the Medieval  Period

In Medieval English law, the same term was used to refer to either kidnapping or the term rape means in the modern sense of “sexual violation”.

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3). Rape is a global incident

globally, the incidence of #Rapes recorded by the police during 2008 was ranged, per 100,000 people, from 0.2 in Azerbaijan to 92.9 in Botswana with 6.3 in Lithuania as the median.

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4). Rape is a kind of deadly crime primarily committed by males mostly 

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5). Often people Blame The Victim, Not The Rapist.

Research studies point out that when an individual is raped, society tends to blame the victim or often blame the victim rather than the rapist.

12 Facts About The Deadly Crime Rape & Rape Culture You Must Know

Like, as per, The Guardian cites a study says that whenever sexual molestation or rape occur #Rape victim was just blamed. For example, people will be saying this is look fault of the woman who makes the men perform rape on her.

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6). Mostly Victims Are Known Person Of The Rapist.

Oftentimes, rape is described as a form of unwanted sexual violence which takes place when a stranger attacks a woman to take away her honor from her.

While this can happen, but research study said that rapes are committed by someone who knows the victim.

7). Pornography Promotes Rape Culture.

In a research article entitled “The harms of pornography exposure among children and young people,” Michael Flood explores the impact that pornography consumption or the porn films promote #Rape.

The report says that when young men and boys frequently pornography, they were more likely to perform sexual acts or the sexually assault on another person.

Especially, this has been reported who viewed pornography tend to involve in a lot of violence.

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8). Rape Is Still Legal in Some Countries.

India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China are the names some nation where marital rape is still common, and still doesn’t declare illegal.

According to the report, “Marital #Rape Is Still Legal in Some Countries and Still Happens in the U.S.,”. Although, America’s legislators have made marital rape illegal in every state, of America, so the U.S. system already declares that the sexual assault within marriage is punishable.

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9). Children and minor tend to become the victim

There is not a single day when we will not read about rape cases which are happening with children or minors. Whether, it Kolkata or Mumbai, Delhi or Bhopal, we read in every city, mostly Indian cities, I’m not aware of the world, but in India, we often read in the newspaper that children, even minors became the victim of brutal sexual violence’s.

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10). Bollywood films often promote rape culture

Bollywood films or the Indian films often promote #Rape culture, only, to show the manliness or masculinity Of the male actors. Films, like, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, Gulal, Insaaf Ka Tarazu, Aaj Ki Awaaz, Jigar, Arjun Pandit, and so on, actually promoted or display the #Rape culture, only to show the masculinity Of the male actors.

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11). Men Can Be Victimized By Sexual Assault.

As per the various media reports, sexual assault can happen to anyone, including, men and boys, other than with only girls. Thus while rates of sexual assault are highest amongst women and girls, but people should know sometimes, Men Can Be Victimized By Sexual Assault.

So many times various media reports come which display and read that often young men and the minor kid became a victim of #Rape.

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12). India wants capital punishment against rape

Due to ongoing cases of rape Taking place in India, or in the world, mostly citizens of all nations want capital punishment for the same.

In fact, some common people or the feminists are emphasizing for the capital punishment against rape. This topic is a matter of debate ALWAYS in various nations, including India.


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