It is sure we heard about the term Sex Doll but it will be really yet to know what comes in our mind when we hear the term Sex Dolls.

Most people are aware of the Sex Dolls or Sex toy at; least people are having an idea of the same anyway.

Without Sex Human Body Can Be Affected In This Way

Sex Dolls appears like an inflatable doll, that is like a sex toy for some guy and you cross fingers for that guy as this Sex Dolls can bring happy moment for that guy.

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In the meantime now a day’s Sex Dolls are not like the way it used to be. Things have changed a lot in the past years and now the growing technology gives more realistic look to the Sex Dolls nowadays.

In fact, the Sex Dolls actually look like a living person, with some realistic features. Furthermore, they can be put in almost any sex position which can give real sex experience.

Now that this is exposed, here are some interesting things you might surprise to know about Sex Dolls:

1). They come from German

A legend stated that during the World War II, Adolf Hitler charged one of his commanders to construct and creates sex dolls for German soldiers. It is unable to say how much this is true or not, the sex dolls’ commercial started in Germany with The Bild Lilli doll.

This was invented in 1950 as a sexy and comic-strip character. She was a plastic model, made in two sizes: 7.5 inches and 11.5 inches.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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2). Reportedly the Barbie doll is based on the “erotic” German Doll

Bild Lilli not only inspired today Sex Dolls but America’s Barbie. This phenomenon was started in the early 1950s with a German cartoon during this period the main character, Bild Lilli, become very popular. Based on that, Bild Lilli dolls were sol after manufactured in massive number.

They were destinated to adult males, though their size makes sure that they could not be penetrating. The similitude with today’s Barbie is so obvious, so we can think or consider that Bild Lille is the real ancestor of America’s Barbie Doll.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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3). In Japan, they are often recognized as a “Dutch Wives”

Some of the first sex dolls with the utility of a sexual device were first time invented by the Dutch sailors who were in the sea for months and they were in… needs. They were actually kind of puppets that the French sailors identified as call “dame de voyage” and Spanish sailors called “dama de viaje”.

In both cases, it could be translated as “lady travel”.

The Dutch sailors made them out of leather to trade them to the Japanese sailors, so the dolls received the word “Dutch Wives” until these days.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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4). A Couple Owned The World’s Largest Collection Of Sex Dolls

The couple from the Great Britain. The husband, Bob, is a mechanic and blessed with 2 kids. He spent over $160,000 on the dolls. Elizabeth (Lizzie), his wife, doesn’t mind they are living with more than 200 dolls.

She asked her husband Bob to bring and buy clothes for the Sex Dolls and dressing them together.

Bob stated reportedly that he didn’t buy the dolls for sexual matters; he just enjoys having afternoon tea with them, posing them for photo shoots or keeping them in his car.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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5). What about women? Men dolls are coming

Sex Dolls were literally first made for men as it is sound like the male thing. But with all these changes people’s needs also altered.

Today there are commercialized sex dolls mostly for men but it attracts women, too. Many prototypes were produced and the men Sex Dolls reached to the high level: they look like living men, with realistic sex parts. Women who already tried them as these Sex Dolls can give sensations which are so similar to human sex, like making love with an actual person.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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6). Now a day most of the Sex Dolls made of silicone

Sex Dolls were on its initial days made up with the tin-cure silicone but platinum technology which granted them better longevity, less prone to tears and compression marks.

Since 2012 a thermoplastic elastomer is also regarded as the TPE commonly is particularly used by Chinese manufacturers which have enabled realistic dolls to be made. The material is cheaper than that high-quality expensive platinum cure silicone.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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7). Sex Dolls are mostly popular in countries

The study based on Internet searches for the Sex Dolls said that Sex Dolls are mostly popular in Philippines followed by Australia and the USA.

Some cities including, the Aussie cities of Sydney and Melbourne love Sex Dolls the most, followed by LA and Chicago.

Though, some people don’t see this subject with good eyes; they defined it as articulates the sexual and emotional expression. So the Sex Dolls actually owned by diverse people and business of the Sex Dolls is very diverse from the normal job.

10 Facts About Sex Dolls Will Be Blow Your Mind

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Some people said Sex Dolls is not something wrong, but some people condemned it. Different people have the different opinion about Sex Dolls.

As per reports in some countries, Sex Dolls are banned and India is one of the countries where Sex Dolls are said to be illegal so it is banned here.

One thing is clear: sex dolls will always be special for people, whether it is good or bad manner.

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